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Anand Mehrotra – Yoga from the Himalayas

Anand Mehrotra – Yoga from the Himalayas

Anand Mehrotra – Yoga from the Himalayas

Access your highest potential through ancient teachings and advanced practices from the birthplace of yoga and become freer, more awake and fully alive.

This exciting new program, Yoga from the Himalayas, is taught by Anand Mehrotra, an internationally respected teacher of this integrated, holistic approach to life who will bring you wisdom straight from the Himalayas to the comfort of your home.

Anand Mehrotra’s approach to yoga honors its primordial roots — stretching back over 5,000 years — while balancing it all with modern realities like global Internet, high-tech wizardry and complex lives.

Anand Mehrotra recognizes that yoga and life are not separate realities, but expressions of one unified consciousness — and shows us the way to light up our entire life as an expression of yoga.

Anand Mehrotra was recognized as a spiritual teacher at a young age. He built an ashram on the Ganges River at the meeting point of mountain and plain and has dedicated his life to helping others integrate unity consciousness with daily life through yoga.

Anand Mehrotra is deeply rooted in the ancient knowledge of yoga but quite non-traditional with his approach, which is simple and accessible yet profoundly transformative.

If you’re ready to go beyond just “practicing” yoga to fully experiencing yoga — and the spiritual invitation it holds — there’s no better place to seek guidance than the Himalayas, the birthplace of yoga.

What You’ll Learn In Yoga from the Himalayas

In Yoga from the Himalayas, Anand Mehrotra will guide you through the fundamental spiritual skills and competencies you’ll need to successfully experience deeper relationship to self, deeper relationships with others, and natural connection with the Divine through understanding of subtler aspects of yogic teachings.

Module 1: Nature of Self Understanding & Mastering of Self

Our conventional education system is based upon understanding the world. Yet the fundamental character in the whole play of life is the self. It is the experiencer who is primary, not the experience. Hence, the beginning of real spiritual life is understanding the self. As you reach this deeper level of self-realization, you reach a deeper realization of life.

Module 2: Nature & Purpose of Manifest Reality

Exploring yogic teachings help us to understand the world around us in a much more coherent way. You’ll find out how to live in greater integration with natural intelligence and how to be in higher and higher potentiality in your earthly journey on this planet. You’ll also explore how to have access to infinite resourcefulness and how to be a positive impact in your daily life and in the world.

Module 3: Wisdom, Love, Stillness & Radical Action The Unity of Paths

Exploring fundamental yogic practices promotes well-rounded development. In our spiritual practice, we often give importance to one faculty over another, which results in an imbalance. We’ll speak of practice in a more holistic way so that you experience holistic growth on your spiritual path without ignoring any aspect of your being. You’ll understand how yoga can flood every dimension of your life with divine light, for there is nothing that is not yoga.

Module 4: Balancing Shiva & Shakti The Unity of Polarities

The human mind is conditioned to learn through comparison, which creates separation and limits. We tend to create a problem through the mind and then try to solve the problem through the mind, when there is no problem. We’ll explore how your psyche creates this trap. As you begin to step out of your mind, a natural observation begins happening and you understand the unity between the masculine and the feminine, between Shiva and Shakti. That which seems opposite from the point of view of the mind, really is complimentary, a part of the same. We’ll also explore the purpose and potential of Kundalini Shakti — the divine limitless being.

Module 5: Moving from Karma to Dharma Ever-evolving, Evolutionary Action

Exploring the essential meaning of karma — and how the three levels of karmic conditioning limit us — will help us identify and go beyond karmic conditioning to more evolutionary living. Karma is action that leads us to bondage. Kriya is evolutionary action that leads us to expansion. Dharma is expansive living — living life with a sense of purpose, in tune with divine destiny. You’ll shift from karma (narrowness) to dharma (expansion).

Life in the grip of karma becomes an ever-repeating past. A true yogi moves from linear to vertical time, and moves from the positionality of living as an effect to living as cause. Understanding the nature and aspects of time (past, present and future) and how they interact with karma is a key aspect of yoga.

Module 6: Discovering the Guru, the Sangha & the Rebel Within & Without

Much confusion surrounds the word “guru.” In the yogic path, finding a guru is an essential part of spiritual evolution. We’ll explore what the word guru means, the importance of a living guru, and how to connect with the formless guru — the teacher within and without.

We’ll explore how to build sacred relationships, how to heal the society at large, and how to move from cultural to spiritual sangha. It’s important to recognize your own radical responsibility and how the individual is the most important factor of the holy trinity. We must get in touch with the rebel inside if we wish to walk the spiritual path. All spiritual beings are ultimately rebellious.

Module 7: The Continuity of Awareness Uniting the State, the Practice, the Experience of Yoga

Our mind and ego tend to hijack our spiritual path and direct us to use our spiritual practices as mere diversions from our divine nature. We’ll explore the now — not the clock now — but the eternal now which includes all dimensions of time. A true yogi doesn’t strive for realization at some future time but is always fully present in the here and now.

People who come to the spiritual path often have great experiences in the beginning but then they hit a plateau or develop a “spiritual ego.” This waiting pattern must be avoided so our life can be a continuous expression of evolution. Individuals must continue to evolve like the universe, which is constantly expanding, for this is the nature of nature. And this is the experience of radical aliveness.

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