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Lauren Of Love – The Heal Foundations Program

Lauren Of Love – The Heal Foundations Program

Lauren Of Love – The Heal Foundations Program

Introducing The Heal Foundations Program

In this brand new lesson The Heal Foundations Program by Lauren Eliz Love, Founder of the HEAL. Program — You will discover the 12 principles of self healing that fully activate your ability to completely shift your reality, your body, your bank account, and your self!

Taught over 12 simple video lessons & journal workbooks — These important foundational studies will show you the most powerful principles of self healing, exactly how to align your emotions and energy with your soul’s deepest intentions, help you release the blocks that have been holding you back, and ultimately, heal and rewrite your entire reality.


Awaken your divine ability to heal your mind, your life, habits & health.

HEAL FOUNDATIONS is the fundamental study of self healing mastery that every self healer should have. I’ll walk you through my step by step process of how to create lasting change in your life, reality and 3D world through the art of self healing.

Sharing my HEAL. METHOD process with you inside this digital training study, you’ll learn how to completely rewrite and rewire your relationship with yourself and finally heal aspects of your life that have been holding you back: whether it is your relationship with yourself, your body, your business, bank account, food… anything!

If you feel the desire to heal an area of your life, Heal Foundations will provide you the tools, structures, and steps you’ve been waiting for to take immediate action on rewriting your reality.

  • This is the study that every woman doing the “inner work” should have.
  • The game changing information that finally gives you the miracle shift you’ve been waiting for.
  • The foundational study of how to shift your reality, heal yourself, and transform your relationship with WHO YOU ARE.

If you are ready for the secrets to mastering your reality to heal yourself, HEAL FOUNDATIONS is the place to start!

About Lauren of Love

The Lauren of Love Podcast is hosted by Lauren Eliz Love: Success Expert, Transformation Strategist, Business mentor, and the owner of a million dollar online empire.

For the woman dedicated to growing herself, leveling up, achieving big goals, and being the best version of herself.

Learn step by step how transform and BE the woman you always wanted to be and how to have it all financially, physically and internally.

Hear your daily dose of personal development, and growth on topics like personal development, business strategy, and spiritual practice.

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