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Robert dos Remedios – Certified Program Design Specialist

Robert dos Remedios – Certified Program Design Specialist

Robert dos Remedios – Certified Program Design Specialist

At last, a program design certification developed for coaches who want to master their craft and become highly skilled at programming for Speed, Power, Movement, Strength and Conditioning.

Today is an exciting day for us here at the National Sports Performance Association, because this credential is the first of its kind in our industry – a certification designed by coaches, for coaches that will not only make every program you design better, but it will also give you a new depth of knowledge that will immediately result in better outcomes for your athletes.

We know that you’re not an ordinary coach – and this is not an ordinary certification. The Certified Program Design Specialist curriculum will teach you how to effectively design your own training system, successfully encompassing every component of programming that performance improvement and overall results.

Our objective is clear: to teach elite coaches how to become experts in program design. Once you understand the science and rationale behind successful programming and the methodology needed to translate that foundational understanding into practical, real world program design, you’ve set the foundation for maximizing the development of your athletes.

The method we chose to achieve that goal?

Introducing Certified Program Design Specialist

The Certified Program Design Specialist ™ Course doesn’t just give you plug-and-play training programs. Instead, it teaches you the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ behind great program design so that you can develop your own effective programming for any athlete from any sport — whether beginner or advanced. We’ve designed the certification’s hands-on information, strategies, and tools for you to use immediately and to take your program design to the elite level.

First, we teach you the foundational concepts of Program Design. If you need to know it as a coach, we teach it in the certification.

Then, we teach you exactly how to apply this information to develop and optimize your own training programs.

You’ll learn everything from the nuts and bolts of periodization to effective exercise selection – and everything in between.

No other Program Design educational program has this combination of depth and focus. I can tell you that because if there was, I would have taken it myself.

The Certified Program Design Specialist™ Certification Is Like No Other Product Or Program You’ve Ever Seen Before.

The CPDS Certification was developed to address a growing need for coaches.

During the past decade there has been a growing trend of coaches simply borrowing other’s programs and plugging them in with their own athletes without any deeper understanding of why or how that program was designed in the first place.

So we decided to create a solution to this specific problem: how to ensure that a coach could not only know where to find information they could trust on how to design their own effective programs, but to understand the science and logic behind why each choice throughout the program design process is being made.

That’s why this Certification was developed.

We want to help coaches know that they are not just piecing together random movements in hopes of improving the performance of their athletes. Instead, they are expert practitioners of a proven system to design the right program for the athlete based on their individual needs and goals.

The Certified Program Design Specialist Certification does just that.

In short, CPDS Certified Coaches are not only able to design an effective training program, they are also able to optimize that program to sport, season, athlete or any other variables that need to be considered.

If you’re interested in becoming such a Coach, then we have something just for you…

What You’ll Learn In Certified Program Design Specialist

9 Modules Specifically Designed To Teach You How To Develop and Implement Effective Training Programs

  • Module 1: Introduction (9:01)
  • Module 2: Nuts and Bolts Behind CPDS (22:26)
  • Module 3: Program Components CPDS (21:05)
  • Module 4: Essential Movements CPDS (17:08)
  • Module 5: Program Design Manual & Exercise Library (1:39:22)
  • Module 6: Program Setup – How & Why CPDS (37:53)
  • Module 7: Workout Cards – Plug & Play System
  • Module 8: Concepts in Year-Round Programming CPDS (19:45)
  • Module 9: Metabolic Circuits CPDS (28:30)

The Certified Program Design Specialist is Set Up to Teach You, the Coach, How To Master The Craft Of Program Design

Many coaches often piece programs together, adding anything that they think might help, but they don’t have a strategy to ensure results.

The Certified Program Design Specialist will give you that strategy.

You will learn how to look at an athlete or group of athletes, and know exactly how to design a program based on the variables that are important to ensuring maximum results while also considering everything from safety to time and resources available.

In addition to learning our step-by-step system for designing programs, you’ll also learn:

  • How to give athletes what they really need in their program.
  • Ways to design programs for the athlete no matter their training goal.
  • The key points of program design you MUST have in your system.
  • What most coaches are neglecting that you can integrate to get your athletes better results.
  • How to select the right exercises for each training program and the athletes using it.
  • What variables you can control in the program to predict results and enhance client results.
  • And Much, Much More!

In short, CPDS Certified Coaches are able to not only design world-class programs …they are able to do that while considering all the needs of their athletes and the training variables that often derail less well planned programs.

About the Instructor

Coach Robert dos Remedios has been involved in strength and conditioning for over 27 years. After completing his competitive football career at the University of California, Berkeley, he began training athletes on a full-time basis.

“Coach Dos” has a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology from California State University, Northridge, has been a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the NSCA since 1990, and is one of only 100 “Master Strength & Conditioning Coaches” (MSCC) in the world as recognized by CSCCa.

Coach Dos is a sought after international speaker on a variety of conditioning topics such as Program Design, Cardio-Strength Training, Olympic Weightlifting applications, Sport-speed development, Explosive training, and CHAOS™ Speed Training.

Coach Dos served as Director of Speed, Strength & Conditioning at College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, CA, a position he had held from 1998-2015 where he created a program that is emulated all over the world.

Coach Dos is also the 2006 recipient of the National Strength and Conditioning Association‘s prestigious Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Professional of the year for 2006. This award is given to the top collegiate strength coach in the country (as voted on by his peers).

In addition to contributing to Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines on a regular basis, Coach Dos’ first book, Men’s Health Power Training (Rodale Books) was released in July 2007 and became a world-wide best seller. His second book, Cardio Strength Training (Rodale Books) is also a best-seller.

Coach Dos is also a Nike Elite Performance Coach and Consultant and currently consults with gyms and college and professional teams all across the country.

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