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Todd V – Online Dating Academy

Todd V – Online Dating Academy

Todd V – Online Dating Academy

How I Use Dating Apps like TINDER & HINGE to Get Effortless Dates with STUNNING Women

​Two decades of perfecting the ultimate system for online dating.

Ready to master the art of online dating?

Over 120 video modules, Todd V teaches you his complete system for building an amazing dating life using apps like Tinder, Hinge and Bumble.

​For 8 weeks in a row, Todd will take you on your own personal journey towards Online Dating mastery: From taking great photos, to building a high-value profile, to maximizing your matches, hacking the algorithm, and going on successful dates.

What You’ll Learn In Online Dating Academy

Learn Todd’s fully optimized ONLINE DATING SYSTEM…How to consistently get matches, numbers and dates that lead to amazing relationships with the women you want


I teach you my entire system for making the perfect profile, hacking dating app algorithms and getting girls to “swipe right” on you by the hundreds


You’ll learn Todd’s time-tested method for converting matches into easy text conversations that lead to numbers and real-life dates by the dozens


Todd will teach you his “perfect date” method for successful dating: From flirting, picking venues, to getting a girlfriend.

Online Dating Academy Curriculum

WEEK 1: Fundamentals of Online Dating

Todd teaches you the complete strategy he’s perfected for over 20 years to optimize, and game the online dating system. By understanding the mechanics of the dating app ecosystem, as well as the algorithm, you’ll be able to execute and optimize for maximum results.

  • How Online Dating has changed the game for both men and women
  • Why Online Dating works for only 5-10% of men
  • The economics of the online dating industry
  • Algorithms: How they’re built and how to game them
  • The big four algorithms: Tinder, Hinge, Bumble and Match
  • Optimal Dating App selection
  • Todd’s strategy: How to 10x your results

WEEK 2: High Value Profiles

On a dating app, your profile is essentially YOU. Todd teaches you his time-tested and thoroughly optimized formula for writing a high-value profile that stands out from the crowd. A profile that evokes attraction triggers and gets her to swipe right is one of the most important variables in getting massively more matches.

  • A profile’s number one goal: Attention
  • How to formulate a Unique Value Proposition
  • What NOT to do
  • High Value Attraction Triggers
  • Todd’s Profiles and WHY they work
  • Earning a right swipe with words alone
  • Student Profile Makeovers

WEEK 3: High Value Photos

Photos matter. Especially in online dating. Learn Todd’s ultimate strategy to creating and perfecting a high-value photo selection that works on any dating app. Fun fact: Any guy can look many times better online via the power of simple photography and selection…even if you’re just a regular dude in real-life.

  • High-Value, Attractive, Fun photos that work
  • Todd’s simple guide to headshots
  • Fashion, haircuts and making yourself look good
  • Social proof and “commentable” pics that get a response
  • What’s your narrative? (How to set yourself apart)
  • Editing photos to look way better than you are
  • Todd’s very-own time-tested photos
  • Student Photo Makeovers

WEEK 4: The First Message

A perfect first message can set the perfect tone for the entire conversation. Todd gives you his rigorously-tested method for crafting great first texts that instigate conversations and get girls to respond. Drastically lower your “crickets” rate by writing exactly the right thing, getting her curious and interested from the very beginning.

  • First texts and why they really, really matter
  • Copy and Paste Vs. Custom Messages
  • Site differences (Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, Match)
  • Situation and context: Get 300% Better
  • Analyzing Todd’s Favorite Openers

WEEK 5: Text Game Demystified

Learn Todd’s quick and easy strategy for going from match to date in as few as 4 to 7 texts. Effective text game doesn’t have to be difficult or take days and days. In fact, the best interactions are short, sweet and effective. Mastering this texting formula is one of the easiest ways to multiply the amount of dates you go on.

  • The FOUR Types of Texts
  • The texting mentality you should have
  • Length and Timing
  • Emojis, Punctuation and Being Different
  • Passing Shit Tests and dealing with silence
  • Todd’s Ultimate Closing Sequence
  • Text breakdowns and analysis

WEEK 6: Perfect Dates

The goal of online dating is of course, going on dates. And plenty of them. Todd teaches you his “perfect date” gameplan for running successful dates. Dates that spark attraction and get the girl interested in the real you.

  • The perfect venue for a good date
  • Building attraction through conversation and verbal game
  • Simple flirting techniques
  • Don’t Do This: The major DON’TS of dates
  • The structure of the night
  • Getting her talking
  • Successful pulling and how not to screw it up

WEEK 7: Lifestyle and Relationships

Todd will teach you his approach to building and nurturing healthy and happy relationships with the kind of women you should be dating. You’ll learn Todd’s secrets to a lifestyle where dating and relationships come effortlessly and without drama. Not to mention a sex life any man would envy.

  • Screening for what you want
  • 5 MASSIVE Relationship Mistakes
  • From FWB’s to Girlfriend to Wife: Defining the relationship
  • Avoiding Drama and Relationship Shit Tests
  • Rock-Star Sex Life 101

WEEK 8: Troubleshooting and Advanced Online Game

What if you could turbo-boost your matches and dates by as much as 10x to 20x. Todd teaches you his advanced hacks and strategies for getting online dating apps to go into overdrive. These little known tactics, as well as Todd’s proprietary troubleshooting techniques, are specifically designed to take your dating life to the next level.

  • Dating App Hacks THEY don’t want you to know about
  • Boost, Roses, and Spending Money
  • The Hacker Mentality
  • Troubleshooting for Dummies: Why you’re not getting matches

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