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Kristin Leal – MetaAnatomy Breath, Bandha and Mantra

Kristin Leal – MetaAnatomy Breath, Bandha and Mantra

Kristin Leal – MetaAnatomy Breath, Bandha and Mantra

When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace.

Explore the anatomical and poetic models of the breath, Vayus, diaphragms, bandhas, granthis and mantra in this very special 20-hr course

The MetaAnatomy Breath, Bandha and Mantra training is NOT about memorizing facts and figures but rather learning embodied and holistic techniques for working with Breath, Prana and Mantra that will have an immediate effect on you and your students!

Five self-paced modules chock full of lectures, asana practices, pranayama, meditations and Yoga Nidra practices that you can return to anytime!

What You’ll Learn In MetaAnatomy Breath, Bandha and Mantra

  • Dive deep into both the Anatomical and Poetic Models of the Breath
  • Explore the Anatomy of the Four Diaphragms
  • Navigate the Five Vayus and discover a simple but profound technique that I use with all of my private clients
  • Learn the physical and lesser known energetic maps of the Breath
  • Techniques and technologies to become more masterful of your Pranic form
  • How to free ourselves from the Knots that bind
  • Somatic practices to embody the Diaphragms, Bandhas and Granthis
  • In depth study of each Bandha from both a physical and energetic perspective
  • Powerful Meditations for each of the Five Vayus
  • Move through a very special Gayatri Practice
  • Investigate ways to utilize Mantra in your own practice and teaching
  • 20 hours of recorded self led lectures, asana, meditation and Yoga Nidra yours to keep and return to forever!
  • Yoga Alliance CEU’s available upon completion (20- Hours)

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