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Donna Eden & David Feinstein – Energies of Love

Donna Eden & David Feinstein – Energies of Love

Donna Eden & David Feinstein – Energies of Love

The Energies of Love is a 30-day online program that guides you through every step of understanding, healing, and integrating you and your partner’s unique energetic patterns for a lifetime of love and intimacy.

The program, which features real-time ‘virtual energetic therapy’ by Donna Eden and David Feinstein themselves, can be experienced in two unique ways:

Firstly, you can go through the curriculum from start to finish, as you master Donna and David’s signature approach to energy medicine in relationships – all in just a few short minutes a day.

And secondly, once you’ve completed the program, you can reach into it at any time and choose from 52 energetic techniques for various situations and challenges in your relationship – making it a toolkit you’ll use for many years to come.

What You’ll Learn In Energies of Love

PART 1: Invisible Energies In Your Relationship (Day 1 – 7)

You’ll begin your journey by exploring the invisible energies that flow within you and between you, influencing your relationship. You will discover the nature of these energies and how, using the power of your intention and quick and easy hands-on techniques, you can consciously shift energies to release stressful or limiting reactions and make way for the love you want to share.

Highlights include:

  • How to amplify your Energy Consciousness: the ability to feel, acknowledge, and influence your own energies and the energies of your partner.
  • 20 powerful energy techniques for restoring you and your partner’s energy, relieving stress, clearing energetic blocks, and more.
  • How to restore and maintain emotional safety in your relationship – even when faced with high-pressure situations.
  • Easy daily Energy Habits that keep you in a state of positivity, love, and high energy.
  • And much more.

PART 2: Your Sensory Styles (Day 8 – 15)

Next, you’ll explore your unique inborn traits and energies that shape the way you love and want to be loved. You’ll discover whether you’re predominantly Visual, Tonal, Kinesthetic, or Digital – and what this means for your relationship with yourself, your partner, and the world around you.

Highlights include:

  • The real difference between a man and a woman’s brain (yes, there is one – and no, it may not be what you think it is).
  • Discover your Sensory Stress style: this determines how you process information and relationship stress – and knowing yours and your partner’s could save your relationship.
  • A 4-step energetic strategy for rapidly and reliably resolving any conflict (use this to smoothly realign with each other, even after the harshest arguments).
  • Mastering the “Do You Mean?” conversation framework: use this to deeply connect with your partner and other people with different Sensory Stress styles.
  • And much more.

PART 3: 7 Essential Skills For Love (Day 16 – 23)

In Part 3, you’ll discover how your childhood learnings and experiences are silently influencing your relationships. Then, you’ll be guided through energetic tools and techniques that allow you to erase your disempowering patterns, and create new ones that support a lifetime of fulfilling love and connection.

Highlights include:

  • What’s your unique Bonding Style: secure, anxious or avoidant? Discover the answer, and gain a newfound clarity on how you can connect more deeply with others.
  • How to harness the art of Tapping to erase energetic blocks, and amplify your vulnerability, authenticity, and courage in your relationships.
  • Aligning your physical and energy body: harness simple yet effective exercises that return you to physical, emotional, and energetic balance.
  • Energy techniques to repair relationship ruptures: virtually no wound is too deep when you use these techniques to repair your daily upsets and unaddressed traumas.
  • And much more.

PART 4: Saying YES (Day 24 – 30)

In the final step of your journey, you’ll explore the shared energies created by you and your partner, that guide your love into the future. After the foundation you’ve built up to this point, there is where you secure a lifetime of love, intimacy, and profound connection with each other.

Highlights include:

  • Energy techniques that supercharge your sex life: these don’t just deepen your intimacy, they turn sex into a celestial ride for your mind, body, and soul.
  • How to love mindfully: harness this practice to bring an expanded level of awareness into your relationship, so you can ‘feel’ and connect with each other in ways you never knew possible.
  • Soulful Communication Rituals: discover daily rituals that amplify you and your partner’s connection, love, and gratitude for each other in just seconds a day.
  • Connecting with each other’s Souls: tap into the spiritual dimension of your relationship, and experience your partner with a newfound depth that transcends your normal senses.
  • And much more.

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