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Kenrick Cleveland – The Power Of Stories

Kenrick Cleveland – The Power Of Stories

Kenrick Cleveland – The Power Of Stories

Everything you need to know to take control of your future and receive YES’s in all your interactions…Discover The Missing Secret To Telling The Most Powerful Story Of Them All

Introducing The Power Of Stories 1-5

(Uncovering The Missing Piece To Influential Storytelling)

Power of Stories 1-5

When I was originally developing The Power Of Stories, one of the most important series of lessons I was ever going to deliver for my past elite coaching club…

I had a revelation…

To become an influential storyteller…you must first know the most important story of all…your own.

What seemed so simple was completely profound.

For the next 8 weeks, we dove deep into uncovering our own stories and what we discovered was…incredible…and life changing.

Not only did our powers to tell influential stories increase by leaps and bounds, but we had a frame to examine and change our own story…towards a new path.

What You’ll Learn In The Power Of Stories

The Power Of Stories – Part 1

Uncover the #1 Secret that prevents you from becoming an influential storyteller. (The missing ingredient to all other storytelling courses and books.)Why knowing your own story will allow you to spin influential stories andget the YES!

The 5 questions and major life themes that make discovering your own story easy! (You will never scratch your head and wonder where to find content for your stories again.)

Learn this step by step method and you can write your “own” story in just minutes.

What most people forget in their stories that leave them limp and lifeless…this is not only crucial for influential stories, but for living a meaningful life.

The 2 daily questions you need to ask yourself (about your life) for your storytelling ability to skyrocket.

The Power of Stories – Part 2

Learn the most devastating mistake you can make (to your own story)…for if you do, you are doomed to a life of history repeating itself.

Why listening to other peoples’ stories can give you a foundation based on assumption instead of fact.

Discover “these” and you can change your story overnight…and expose an ocean of stories ideas from deep within you.

Learn these 10 skills and gain the ability to take control of your inner voice…allowing you to become congruent with your own story and storytelling.

The Power of Stories – Part 3

Gain the speed necessary to change your own story or alter the stories you are telling your unconscious and others…giving you the ability to adapt on the fly.

Discover the 10 voices inside each of us…and why they will be your newbest friend.

A little known secret that will stop you dead in your tracks from accomplishing your goals and changing your own story for the better. (Plus receive the 1 thing that will allow you to quickly reverse any damage done to the current story youare living.)

The 1 concept that will change your interactions with stories…the stories you tell and the stories you are living each day.

Why knowing your tipping and turning points will drastically change your own story. (These are also the key to telling dramatic life altering stories that mesmerize people into hanging on your every word.)Turn your old story into your “NEW STORY” by knowing the 3 critical factors for all influential stories…giving you the ability to break your old patterns.

The Power of Stories – Part 4

Listen as Kenrick dissects a past elite coaching club member’s new story and…discover the power behind understanding your own story and why it’s key to becoming an influential storyteller.

The #1 question you need to ask yourself to know if your new story is congruent with your current values. (Your new story will not stick if your values arenot congruent.)Uncover your “Big Three”…making sure they have a feature role in your new story…allowing you to create a new story that “YOU” control.

The Power of Stories – Part 5

Uncover why your deeper stories shed light on the decisions you make….and when you can control other peoples’ deeper stories, you can persuade them powerfully.

Why it’s important that your NEW STORY is not moving “away from”…and if it is…how you can change it with 1 quick question.

The 2 simple ways to make sure your new story sinks deep into your unconscious…where it will set your life on a new path.

How to live the new story you create for yourself. (And why it will transform you into a powerful, influential storyteller.)And much, much more!

“Fantastic”… “Life Changing”…”WOW”…were just a few of the many declarations made from past elite coaching club members who traveled on this eye-opening journey with me.

Shocked about how little they knew regarding their own story and how much it influenced their current and future lives…

Once they conquered their own story…their future was wide open…with nothing but opportunities.

Now understanding the most powerful story of them all…their own…they were able to spin influential stories at will.

Take a moment and ask yourself…

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