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Barron Cruz – Mature Man’s Dating Program

Barron Cruz – Mature Man’s Dating Program

Barron Cruz – Mature Man’s Dating Program

5 Key Understandings You Need To Know:

  • Understanding 1: Dating Is A Skill
  • Understanding 2: How To Meet Women Online
  • Understanding 3: The Best Places For Older Men To Meet Women In The Real World
  • Understanding 4: What To Do On A Date To Smoothly Lead To Intimacy And A Relationship
  • Understanding 5: How To Use Your Age As An ADVANTAGE As An Older Man

What You’ll Learn In Mature Man’s Dating Program

Phase 1: Get The Date

Date smarter, get a date with your perfect type of woman

First things first, if you’ve just gotten out of a marriage or long term relationship you need to get your head back on straight before you hit the social scene. In this video you will learn the most efficient ways to do so.  You will also be exposed to new, beneficial perspectives to use when looking at dating and success with women.

Men are appreciating assets. You get better and more attractive to women as you age. You also grow to have many more women in your strike zone. In this video you will learn not only why this is true, but also how you can maximize the upsides of being a mature man and minimize the downside.

Phase 2: On The Date

The Secret Keys to a Flawless Date

There are many counter intuitive hacks that you can use to your advantage before you show up for your date. They will help us with everything from being in a social, talkative mood to getting us out of our heads and free from social anxiety. You also learn my “Charisma Coat,” technique that will ensure that you look like a cool, social guy who people remember and respect even if its your first time going out on the town in years.

Women love men who are able to carry a conversation confidently and in an interesting direction. In this video, you will learn how to spontaneously come up with things to say and talk about as well as deal with the sometimes difficult task of getting the conversation going when first meeting.

Phase 3: Keeping Her Around:

Dramatic, lasting results

To set ourselves up for success, we need to know how not only to attract a woman into our lives who will want to embark in a long term relationship but also know how to chose the perfect woman for us.

In phase 3, you will learn what to look for and what to look out for when making this important decision. You will also learn best practices for establishing and maintaining a strong long term relationship.

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