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David Shade – Diary Of A Masterful Lover

David Shade – Diary Of A Masterful Lover

David Shade – Diary Of A Masterful Lover

“Diary Of A Masterful Lover” David Shade’s Personal Secret Journal Of Wild Kinky Taboo Sex

Introducing Diary Of A Masterful Lover

From Boring Sex To Sex Maniac

I maintained this diary for two and a half years. Every single day I made an entry.

I began the diary on the day that I met a beautiful young woman named Anne. For my own learning I journaled everything I said and did. As my relationship with Anne developed, so did the diary.

I awakened her sexuality. Soon I was giving her Wild Screaming Orgasms and having her engage in all kinds of wild taboo sexual activity with me. Eventually I got her to do “everything in the book”. Everything that I teach, it was all done on her. And I journaled all of it.

Now this all happened many years after I had written my famous “David Shade’s Manual”. So I did everything from that book, and more!

This is no ordinary journal, this was an exact record of everything I did, everything I said, and fully explicit descriptions of how I lead Anne from being a bored unfulfilled woman who was not enjoying sex, to being a wildly passionate slut in the bedroom for me.

I led this attractive young woman into progressively more exiting, more erotic, and more kinky sexual adventures. And by experiencing these things with me, it made our relationship stronger. In fact, we fell madly in love.

In this journal I did everything I’ve taught in all my other programs. You’ll discover the sequence I used. You’ll find exactly what I said to her every step of the way, including phone, email, and text messages. You’ll see what I do when I encountered resistance, unwanted behavior, and even how I dealt with it when she got upset with me.

You’ll watch her start with baby steps and quickly become ‘addicted’ to the orgasms and powerful emotions she had within our relationship. She learned to trust and let go and in return experience a level of pleasure and intimacy far beyond what women only find in romance novels.

You get to be a fly on the wall and follow my every move, my every thought, and every word I say as I turn her into a orgasm addict. You’ll read her messages to me begging me to come over and satisfy her, and you’ll know how to get your woman to do the same for you.

Ever wonder what David Shade does in the bedroom? Now you’ll know. In intimate detail!

Want to know how I solve problems getting her to orgasm? She was a tough case! You’ll get full details including what did NOT work, and what DID work, so you can see how I zoomed in on what was keeping her from letting go and eliminated the problem. And how I led her into becoming a wild sex crazed monster with me.

Ever wonder how I keep a woman literally dripping wet every minute we are apart, so she’s going nuts to get in bed with me? I’ll show you all my secrets.

It’s ALL there. I’ve opened up the door to my inner sanctum and I’m inviting you in.

It’s Like A Sexuality Playbook For Men

You can use this as a playbook to keep the relationship exciting as you ramp up the level of sexual adventure. Plus you’ll know how to provide for her emotional needs which will make her closer to you and only want to be with you. After all, you’ll be giving her more pleasure in more ways than any man she’s ever known.

And get this… every woman who read a preview copy secretly admitted they got so excited reading it that they had to masturbate!

And there is a valuable lesson here… WOMEN WANT THIS KIND OF THING TO HAPPEN TO THEM.

This is nuclear powered material because it ties all the pieces together in such a way that men can easily use it to get the exact same results with any woman.

Once you understand what I show you in Bring Out Her Inner Slut system, you can use my Journal as a roadmap to do the same thing with your woman.

It’s everything you need to have heart-pounding sex, and it’s exactly what you need to know for a woman to have wild sex with you!

I think every man should own this. And I’m not alone, as you’ll find out below, more than anybody else… women want you to know this stuff!

What You’ll Learn In Diary Of A Masterful Lover

  • Turn Her From Inorgasmic To A Cum Machine
  • Threesomes
  • Hypnosis Fantasies
  • Get Her Into The Swinger Community
  • Instant Orgasms On Command
  • Hour Long Orgasms
  • Bondage and Discipline
  • Naughty School Girl Role Play
  • Phone Sex
  • Make Her Jack Off Her Imaginary Cock
  • Turn Her Onto Highly Orgasmic Anal Sex
  • Adultery
  • Turn Her Into A Bisexual Nympho
  • Double Penetration
  • Making Porn Films
  • Make Her A Naughty Little Cum Slut
  • Keep Her Constantly Turned On
  • Get Her To Jack Off To Porn
  • Trailer Park Slut Role Play
  • Make Her Fall Madly In Love
  • The Remote Control Egg
  • Give Her Orgasms In Public
  • Super-Deep Emotional Intimacy
  • Telling Secrets
  • She Requires Servicing
  • Brining Out Fantasies
  • Have Her Jack You Off While You Download Porn
  • String Her Up On The Door
  • Use Her Just For Sex, And She Loves It
  • Get Her Off In The Crowded Night Club
  • Quickies
  • Make Her Fuck A Woman With A Strap On
  • Make Her Your Piece Of Property
  • Make Her Completely Sexually Submissive
  • Dominatrix Role Play
  • Make Her Strip For The City
  • The Rape Fantasy Role Play
  • Superimposing Orgasm On Top Of Orgasm On Top Of Orgasm
  • Make Her Fuck Herself With A Dildo
  • Make Her Clit Ultra Responsive
  • Make Her Pose Nude For The Erotic Photographer
  • Sex Toy Parties
  • Dominance And Leadership Like A Pro
  • Pushing The Boundaries Of Sexual Responsiveness Far Beyond

About David Shade

David Shade released the first version of “The Secrets of Female Sexuality”, subtitled “Unapologetic Brutally Honest Truth About Sex That Women Secretly Wish You Knew But Can’t Tell You” in 2006.

When David released the updated expanded version of “The Secrets of Female Sexuality” subtitled “Be The Masterful Lover Women Crave” on October 7, 2009, it was the 8th top selling book of all books at Amazon.

David Shade is “America’s Renegade Sex Expert” who had the courage to go outside the boundaries of conventional wisdom to find the things that really work and work very powerfully to give women incredible pleasure. As a result, he has improved the sex lives of tens of thousands of couples worldwide.

David Shade is famous for his ‘no fluff or B.S.’ direct ‘based on reality – not society’ teachings on sexuality. He has been a featured speaker at sexuality and relationship conferences, has been on numerous radio shows including Playboy Satellite Radio, has been interviewed by many experts for their interview series, was featured in David DeAngelo programs, has written for Men’s Health and OUI magazines, was sited in “The Game” by Neil Strauss, and is the Sex Advice columnist for the Detroit Examiner. When it comes to teaching men how to give women wild screaming orgasms, David Shade is a trained killer.

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