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Andrew LaCivita – Job Search Coaching Program (Self-Study)

Andrew LaCivita – Job Search Coaching Program (Self-Study)

Andrew LaCivita – Job Search Coaching Program (Self-Study)

Want to rebuild your confidence? Take back control of your career? Find that dream job? Earn more money? Feel more respected and appreciated? Become as happy as ever?

Join world-leading career and leadership coach Andrew LaCivita to get his entire system, strategies, tactics, and tools to find your dream job!

Introducing Job Search Coaching Program

1: Starting

Position yourself to succeed by developing your direction, headline, why, and needs. Your headline serves as your elevator pitch and self-directed focal point for clarity. Your why ensures you overcome the inevitable challenges. Your needs serve as the basis to evaluate your options and potential employers.

2: Marketing

Make employers want you by developing a magnetic resume, cover letters, and LinkedIn Profile that show the impact you’ll make as an employee. Learn exactly how to build these assets with the proper layout and sentence structure along with techniques to most effectively use them.

3: Searching

Run your job search to find the right job the fastest by bringing yourself to market using all the best tactics. Learn how to optimize your job search based on your demographic, leverage your network for best results, and target companies so they actually respond and offer you job interviews!

4: Interviewing

Win any job interview by mastering the most advanced preparation techniques, anticipating communication issues, answering behavioral and situational questions, and asking questions during your interviews. You will ace any interview and get the information you need to make a great career decision!

5: Negotiation

Earn what you deserve by negotiating like a pro. Learn the nuances and psychology of mastering salary negotiation and getting paid what you actually deserve. You’ll learn the same techniques I’ve personally used to negotiate for more than $5 million dollars in salary increases across my job candidates.

What You’ll Get In Job Search Coaching Program (Self-Study)

Job Search Coaching Program

Major Bonuses

  • Build Your Personal Brand
  • Power of Your Personal Story
  • Career Changer Module
  • Execs and Over 50 Module
  • Seasonal Specialty Module
  • Your First 90 Days

Extra Job Search Assets!

Get the entire suite of milewalk Academy point solutions including the Resume Workshop, Job Search Challenge, Job Search Mini Camp, and Interview Intervention Training 10th Edition to complete your library.

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