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Nadine Lee – Sexual Alchemy for Men Online Course

Sexual Alchemy for Men Online Course

Nadine Lee – Sexual Alchemy for Men Online Course

Introducing Sexual Alchemy for Men Online Course

Tantra is about channeling your life force energy from the lower centers to higher centres of the body. But if there is emotional debris stagnating in your very body cells, the life force energy gets stuck. In Tantra we go through the feminine (the emotional body & sexuality) in order to reach masculine (higher consciousness)

What most people don’t realize is that the evolution & sublimation of your sexuality, into higher states of consciousness, depends upon your capacity to feel. For most men, the feeling realm has been shamed, suppressed & shut down. As a result, many men are not embodying their fullest sexual potential & thus spiritual potential (living their fullest embodied life purpose)

Sexual Alchemy for Men Online Course is for you if:

  • You desire to become an extraordinary lover
  • You desire to become more successful in life, business & relationships
  • You desire to feel more connected to your creative energy & feel fully aligned with your souls mission.
  • You manifest anything you desire, including lots of money because you know how to refine & circulate your sexual orgasmic energy
  • You desire to attract a partner who can meet you in her femininity, vulnerability, openness & authenticity
  • You are interested in cultivating more presence & capacity to “hold space” & show up in your masculine power for your partner / future potential partner
  • You desiring to learn how to communicate better with your self + your partner in & out of the bedroom
  • You desire to integrate Tantric practice & energy cultivating skills into your self pleasure & intimate relations

What You’ll Learn In Sexual Alchemy for Men Online Course


One of the biggest blocks for full male sexual embodied expression is suppressed emotions / traumas that get stored in the Hara, the Sacral Centre as well as the male sexual genitals (lingam, testicles, perineum & anus). During this module you will be guided through a series of practices that will support you navigating any stuck emotions including rage, anger, grief, sadness. To truly be a powerful lover, a man must be attuned to his emotional body. This module we will begin to awaken & explore this energy.

Foundation Practices:

  • Emotional Alchemy
  • Taoist Vital Organ Purification
  • Tantric Breathing
  • Emotional processing tools & processes
  • Purify your Chi – Testicular Breathing & Clearing


For men to master their sexuality, they need to have a healthy relationship with their inner feminine. In order to have healthy relationships to the external feminine. Your inner feminine is the sexual fire waiting to be lit. Activating your fire we will explore any blocks around what is in the way of this power. We will explore your relationship to the feminine, how to relate to the external feminine, how to navigate feminine cycles & emotions and hold your presence & sovereignty as a man. This also helps you hold the masculine polarity in relating to women.

Foundation Practices:

  • Divine Feminine Activation in a Male Body
  • Healing the Mother Wound: Energetic Cord cutting of unhealthy attachments to the biological mother
  • What women desire the most from men in relationship & sexually
  • How to open a woman sexually


Learn how to practice sacred sexuality whether or not you’re with or without a partner. In this module you will learn to cultivate your sexual energy and channel it into your spiritual and creative pursuits.

Foundation Practices:

  • Self Pleasure as a Self Love Ritual
  • Solo & Partner Sex Magic
  • The Orgasmic Wave: Increasing vitality & endurance to sustain multiple orgasms
  • Masculine/Feminine Polarity
  • The difference between internal & external orgasms


During this module you will learn Tantric practices to support you with sublimating your sexual energy. According to Tantra, a males life force is held in his testicles & if constantly ejaculating, the less power he is holding as a man. The aim of Tantra is to sublimate our life force energy to maintain youthfulness, energetic vitality & to move the energy from the sexual centres into the spiritual centres, which helps us live our fullest potential.

Foundation Practices:

  • Why ejaculation control benefits your purpose & your relationship
  • Microcosmic Orbit Breathing
  • Perineum / Sacred Spot Massage
  • Energetics of Masculine Sexuality vs. Feminine Sexuality

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