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George McCloskey – Executive Function Mastery Course

George McCloskey – Executive Function Mastery Course

George McCloskey – Executive Function Mastery Course

Evidence-Based Strategies to Improve Attention, Memory & Self-Regulation

Introducing Executive Function Mastery Course

Forgotten appointments, unfinished homework, distractibility, procrastination and difficulties organizing thoughts present intimidating obstacles to make progress for anyone… And the strategies that work so well for others seem to fall short when an executive function (EF) deficit is present.

Your work with individuals struggling with EF concerns may be some of your most rewarding — yet it’s often the work that leaves you the most frustrated and exhausted!

Take the mystery out of executive functions for your clients by teaching them how they think, learn and behave to help create an active role in their own development. With a combined experience of over 40 years working with Executive Function, we’ve partnered with three international experts — George McCloskey, Ph.D. | Lynne Kenney, Psy.D. | Kathy Morris, M.Ed., B.S. — to bring you a comprehensive look into EF, so you can integrate a multidisciplinary approach to promote organization, self-regulation, focus, social-communication, memory and much more.

You’ll not only gain effective assessment techniques to determine EF strengths and weaknesses, but you’ll also learn how to:

  • Analyze a comprehensive neuropsychological model of executive functions as it relates to clinical treatment.
  • Implement research-based activities to improve thinking, self-regulation and behavior.
  • Communicate how EF deficits are present in those diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, Autism, dyslexia, ODD and other psychological disorders.
  • Incorporate visual strategies to support the way information is received and retained in long-term memory.

Whether you’re an OT, SLP, counselor, teacher, or social worker, you’ll leave this course feeling confident in your ability to dramatically improve the lives of your clients struggling with EF deficits.

Through video case studies and visual demonstrations, you will walk away distinguished from others in your field when you advance your practice with these EF strategies that you’ll be able to merge into your existing approach with ease!

What You’ll Learn In Executive Function Mastery Course

Session 1: Improve Executive Functions: Evidence-Based Strategies to Change Behavior

In Session 1, you’ll get the targeted skills and tools you need to cultivate lasting change and transform the lives of those who struggle with executive deficits – the chronically lost, late and unprepared!

Internationally renowned creator of the McCloskey Executive Functions Scale (MEFS), author, researcher, and clinician with more than 20 years of groundbreaking work with Executive Functions, George McCloskey, Ph.D., will teach you how to develop customized interventions that can be used with students or clients across multiple settings, from the private practice to the classroom.

Practical and easy to apply strategies will help your clients develop:

  • Critical time/task management
  • Personal organization & planning skills
  • Academic and employment performance
  • Physical & mental health
  • And much more!

Session 2: Executive Function in the Classroom: 30 Cognitive-Motor Activities to Improve Attention, Memory & Self-Regulation

When children with ADHD, anxiety, learning differences, oppositional tendencies and disinterest in school are taught how to be “Cognitive Scientists” coaching their own brains to plan, prioritize, attend and remember, they become more invested in school and motivated to learn.

With Session 2, you will gain interventions to show students how to learn more efficiently while calming their defensive brains to lead to better concentration, improved attention, higher academic achievement and competent social-emotional skills.

Pediatric psychologist, author and international educator, Lynne Kenney, Psy,D., will teach you how to integrate the newest research in neuroscience, kinesiology and education for kids to learn more efficiently. You will discover over 30 developmentally progressive cognitive-exercises, worksheets and activities to enliven your classroom.

Walk away knowing how to:

  • Improve cognition
  • Enhance learning
  • Empower children to be better thinkers with:
  • motor movement
  • sequencing
  • self-regulation
  • memory activities

Session 3: Executive Function Disorder in Children and Adolescents: Practical Strategies to Improve Metacognitive and Self-Regulation Skills

Working with children and adolescents who struggle paying attention, are severely disorganized, have difficulty making transitions and are unable to make plans can be extremely difficult. They repeatedly act out and meltdown—seemingly unaware of the consequences of their behavior. They frequently get placed in timeout or sent to the principal’s office — missing out on typical childhood experiences in school, on the playground and with their families. These children have Executive Functioning (EF) deficits.

The good news is that EF can be taught!

In Session 3, international speaker, speech therapist and teacher with over 42 years working with autism, ADHD and executive dysfunction, Kathy Morris, M.Ed., B.S., will step you through how to strengthen the neuro connections in children and apply evidence-based metacognitive and self-regulation visual strategies and hands-on techniques to improve:

  • Inhibitory Control
  • Adaptability
  • Mental Flexibility
  • Executive Attention
  • Emotional Control
  • Social skills
  • Plus, so much more!

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