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Chunyi Lin – Working With The Masters Course

Chunyi Lin – Working With The Masters Course

Chunyi Lin – Working With The Masters Course

Would you like to know the ancient secret of mastering Qi?

Many Qigong secrets have been lost to time. This one was closely guarded by Qigong Masters and shared only with carefully selected advanced students.

Now, Master Lin is handing it over to you.

The secret is calling on your Master’s energy.

But calling on your Master’s energy is more than saying their name. To receive the most benefit for your healing, for your enlightenment, and for penetrating deeper levels of Qi cultivation, you need to go deeper than that.

For that, you need an understanding and a method.

A way to truly tap into all that a Master has to offer.

A step-by-step course to take you deeper and deeper, higher and higher.

This is that course.

We call it Working with the Masters.

Working with the Masters was designed to guide you step by step to experience the power of your Master’s energy, so you can heal faster, open your third eye, open your wisdom center, and live an even more joyful life.

What You’ll Learn In Working With The Masters Course

  • Step 1: How to Choose your Master
  • Step 2: How to Build a Heart-to Heart Relationship with your Master
  • Step 3: How to Merge Your Energetic Body with Your Master’s Energy
  • Step 4: How to Merge Your Mind/Emotions with Your Master
  • Step 5: How to Merge Your Heart/ Soul with your Master
  • Step 6: How to Merge Yourself with the Universe by Letting Go of Your Attachments

Each Step builds on the last.

When you master all six of these Steps, you will have the information and wisdom to connect yourself with the Creator Level. At that level, you can master the universal force that will help you with any level of penetration in your Qigong practice.

Quite simply put…If you follow these 6 steps, your life will become Extraordinary!

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