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Rebel Seduction – Female Orgasm Untold

Rebel Seduction – Female Orgasm Untold

Female Orgasm Untold contains all the never before seen hypnosis secrets to reprogram your brain into this Bulletproof Alpha mindset…

And this NEW mindset programming further seeps into the physical aspects of your Body…

Enabling you to last longer in bed…

And give your woman earth-shattering Multiple Orgasms.

Imagine you just had a Dream in which…

  • You gave your girl multiple orgasms without ejaculating
  • You easily controlled your ejaculation for 25 – 30 minutes…and enjoyed the ins and outs of a hot woman’s body all night long
  • You don’t need to do much to get laid because of your Oscar worthy performance in bed, which has made women melt over you like vanilla ice cream in the sun.
  • You’ve made the eyes of all other men Green with Envy because you are always surrounded by hot women who wouldn’t even talk to an average guy
  • Your self-esteem has reached the top of the mountain and you are proud of how you are desired by women

Just imagine how after Going through “Female Orgasm Untold” you could become a sex God…

And manifest desires among women by giving them Multiple Orgasms on Command…

Imagine how easy your life would become…

  • No more chasing women
  • No more wasting time, money and energy looking for useless medical Pills
  • No more fear of getting ashamed by women for poor performance in bed
  • No more fear of Getting cheated by women as she will be attracted to you like a Magnet

What You’ll Learn In Female Orgasm Untold


Female anatomy and pleasure points labelled on a real beautiful pvssy. Know her inside out, better than she knows herself

When to start fvcking her. (99% of men mess this up and it destroys every possibility of orgasm.)

PLUS– How to smoothly reprogram her into an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder woman with an extremely wild fetish for your dick only, without her knowing exactly how its happening


The ‘Never been published steps’ to create the ultimate enhanced sex playlist that will prepare both your minds for a surreal night of intense orgasms.

What to do to extremely enhance the power of your touch and melt her away with every little kiss

How to put her in a deep sexual trance (most probably for her first time ever)

What NEVER to do during foreplay (99% of men make this deadly mistake)


The single MOST important short word to word HYPNOTIC script you will ever read — Paint her reality with your voice getting her to feel extremely comfortable and ready for the best multiple intense orgasms of her life

The battle-tested way to give her the legendary multiple orgasms on your command

What if I told you that you can give her orgasms without any physical stimulation — You have to experience the bliss personally to understand it.

How to give her orgasms immediately after orgasm after orgasm like you have casted a spell on her

Secrets to give her earth shuttering multiple orgasms from areas she barely knew existed inside of her

How to make her squirt and yours forever

“Real man do not eat pussy right?” WRONG. They all do after folding her into these positions that will only make them dominant without slowly losing her respect.


Fvck her like a Greek God

The truth about the number of sex positions you should use

Greek God sex positions

Failing to make her cum with your cock? The number one first position to initiate fvcking that quickly gives her an orgasm without the risk of exploding a load fast

How to create red hot sexual tension and anticipation a couple seconds before inserting your dick inside of her — literally get her dripping for your cock

The right way to thrust to hit the rights spots make her cum fast — sex is not just in and out brother.


Sex without dirty talk is cringe — It feels like you are masterbating her pvssy with your cock …. Learn how to become a NATURAL dirty talker

The easiest way to effortlessly talk dirty without cramming lines or thinking about what to say

Discover how to tap into the ultimate powers of your voice

What to say and how to say it for a permanent effect inside her pvssy and brain

25 phrases to improve your dirty talk like boss — even if you have never dirty talked before.

Link to a twitter branch of Rebel Seduction full of dirty talk lines


If you are a man, here is the advanced method to become the multiple orgasmic man and experience the little known pleasure of multiple orgasms without ejaculating

How to instantly stop the ejaculation and still having an orgasm (Must do tonight, its a fvcking rich experience known to only a few)

3 simple steps to master the flow of your sexual energy and forever control your ejaculation

8 simple techniques to last longer in bed

3 top creative quick fixes you can try tonight and hit the pvssy until it knows you better than she knows herself

What the gods feed on… (eat these foods regularly and you will never worry about cumming fast ever again)

Vitamins of the gods (use as regularly as possible)

Top 5 natural herbs of the gods (these will take your performance to a level that is beyond any of your expectations, no matter how wild they are)

My Great Grandfather’s Secret Recipe: (this has been a family secret for generations, passed on to me by my grand-dad before he passed away…a moment of silence for the legend…and lets keep it a secret okay)

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