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Steven Farmer – The 5 Ancestral Realms

Steven Farmer – The 5 Ancestral Realms

Steven Farmer – The 5 Ancestral Realms

Connect with ancestors beyond your bloodline, including animal and nature spirits, to heal, evolve, and live a more fulfilling life.

Explore the 4 channels of spiritual perception, discover your strongest, and hone them to explore the 5 ancestral realms.

What You’ll Learn In The 5 Ancestral Realms

In The 5 Ancestral Realms program, Dr. Steven Farmer will guide you to become more connected with all of your ancestors — human, spiritual, plant, and animal — in order to heal your past wounds and move forward honoring your true life’s purpose.

The 5 Ancestral Realms will feature teachings, training sessions, and experiential practices with Dr. Steven Farmer. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous one, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to access messages from all types of ancestors — from your bloodline and beyond.

Module 1: Discover the 5 Types of Ancestors & How to Connect With Them for Healing, Guidance & Wisdom

In Western culture we don’t often think of our deceased loved ones as ancestors… yet not only are these relatives ancestors, but there are four other types of ancestors that also help define our heritage as human beings — and can help you appreciate the profound depths of your own origins. .

In this module, you’ll:

  • Discover the 5 types of ancestors and how they can help you navigate this lifetime more effectively
  • Recognize the presence of your biological ancestors, and how you can receive guidance, healing, and wisdom from them — and assist them in their afterlife journey
  • Discover the ancestors beyond your lineage, how you are intimately related to them, and how to consciously connect with them
  • Receive guidance from Spirit Animals and Nature Spirits to connect with your bloodline ancestors
  • Explore how DNA is the original ancestor, followed by Primordial (the natural elements), Prehistoric (trees, plants, and animals), and Archetypal Ancestors
  • Appreciate the depth of your ancestral relationships and experience how deeply embedded you are in the Web of Life

Module 2: Connect With the Ancestors of Your Lineage For Healing & Guidance

You’re strongly and biologically connected to your most immediate ancestors. In this module, you’ll discover how to work with them… When you do this healing work you’ll help repair undesirable traits and enhance positive ones. Your ancestors benefit as well, in their spiritual evolution in the afterlife.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Explore epigenetics and how you inherit much more than your physical characteristics
  • Learn to heal intergenerational emotional, psychological, and physical conditions with the help of the ancestors
  • Familiarize yourself with the 4 channels of spiritual perception, and identify your strongest
  • Communicate with your biological ancestors with the help of animal spirit guides and nature spirits
  • Participate in a powerful healing exercise that will benefit you, your ancestors, and your descendants — clearing a condition passed through the generations

Module 3: Seeking Guidance & Healing From Our Prehistoric Ancestors — Spirit Animals & Nature Spirits

You’ll discover how you’re intimately related to plants and animals — as both physical and ancestral beings… You’ll also get to know who YOUR power animal is (your primary animal spirit guide) and how they can help you communicate with your ancestors.

Long before human beings began to populate the earth about 200,000 years ago, there were single-celled organisms that formed collectives we now call plants.

Through the physical evolution of this collaboration between DNA and the environment — over millions of years, —animals emerged, followed by human beings…

In this module, you’ll:

  • Discover how the plants and animals that directly preceded our species — our Prehistoric Ancestors — exist in a real sense as integral aspects of our physical bodies
  • Hear about the many Indigenous cultures that accept plants and animals as ancestors
  • Uncover how you can readily receive messages and guidance from ancestral animals and plants to help guide you on your life’s path
  • Find out how Spirit Animals, in particular, can be essential guides
  • Discover how visitations from an animal may actually be a visit from a blood ancestor

Module 4: Connect With Archetypal Ancestors as Mentors & Coaches

How are your ancestors — beings whose accomplishments on the physical plane carried over into the afterlife — available to help guide you in your interests and passions? You’ll find out…

Some examples are Healer, Warrior, Musician, and Artist Ancestors. They may not be biologically related to you, but are sought for their expertise in a particular area.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Identify 2 or 3 talents that you wish to develop further
  • Call on and initiate a relationship with two or three Archetypal Ancestors with the assistance of your Spirit Animal
  • Find and align with those Archetypal Ancestors who support your specific purpose and mission
  • Connect with an Archetypal Ancestor who can guide you to live your soul’s purpose
  • Discover which animal spirit guide associated with a particular archetypal ancestor will become one of your spirit allies for enhancing your talents

Module 5: Discover DNA as the ‘Master Ancestor’ for All Living Organisms

In this class, you’ll hear the fascinating “soul myth” describing how DNA (the original ancestor) was first perceived by our human ancestors. You’ll also explore how the creative and communal nature of DNA worked with the continually evolving characteristics of the planet — to form beings that adapt to environmental circumstances in a continual dance of life and death.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Discover how DNA is the Master Ancestor for all living organisms
  • Explore how DNA collaborated with the Primordial Ancestors to birth the multitude of life forms over Earth’s 4.5 billion years of existence
  • Learn the intriguing story of how Snake Spirit and DNA are related
  • Receive guidance and blessings from your deepest ancestral connection by listening to your DNA
  • Activate your DNA to promote epigenetic changes that are more in alignment with your soul’s purpose

Module 6: Explore the Wisdom of the Ancestors to Better Accept Death & Understand the Afterlife

Embracing death is an important aspect of living fully. When you die, you become an ancestor — yet you may still have some clearing and healing work to do in the afterlife. You’ll come to understand how near-death experiences can support the reality that a part of “you” lives beyond your last breath…

In this module, you’ll:

  • Discuss how death and the afterlife are perceived by different traditions
  • Learn about one version of the afterlife
  • With the assistance of your power animal spirit guide, help a deceased loved one cross over fully into the afterlife
  • Explore fears and anxieties about death and dying, how to overcome them, and how to embrace death so that you can live more fully
  • Experience what it might be like to transition into the afterlife — without actually doing so!

Module 7: Discover the Fire in Your Belly — The Primordial Ancestors Which Exist Within All of Us

In this session, you’ll meet your Primordial Ancestors — also known as Elemental Ancestors — Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.

These Primordial Ancestors, along with DNA, are the foundations of life and exist within you. They’re also available to help guide you along your life’s path.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Understand how Primordial Ancestors exist in your body and soul
  • Deepen your appreciation for the depth of your ancestral connections
  • Identify more closely with one or two of these ancestors and discern which are best suited to help you in the future
  • Learn how to enhance your relationship with Primordial Ancestors to live a more balanced life, and how to call on these ancestors in times of need
  • Discover practices for maintaining communication with all of your ancestors

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