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James Marshall – Master Lover Method (Gold Package)

James Marshall – Master Lover Method (Gold Package)

James Marshall – Master Lover Method (Gold Package)

JAMES MARSHALL PRESENTS… The World’s Most Practical

5-Week System To Become A Beast In The Sheets, Unlock Confident Dominance, Supernatural Stamina & Get Women Addicted To You

What is the Master Lover Method?

Previously only taught in person to a small group of elite students each year, the Master Lover Method is the world’s most in-depth practical course teaching you how to become incredible in bed and turn women into your willing playthings by mastering the full spectrum of sexual possibilities.

Inside the Master Lover Method, I reveal 52 modules with literally hundreds of progressively layered sexual mastery techniques. Starting from basic touch, leadership & positions to advanced techniques and fantasy sequences for peak orgasmic pleasure.

Everything you’ve ever wanted to do in bed is broken down in easy to implement steps: from the technical aspects, to common mistakes, to confidently introducing it all to your partners.

The Master Lover Method contains more than fifty hours of uncensored tutorials, demonstrating every technique on camera in explicit detail with five sexy models :).

Whether you’re just starting out on your sexual journey or already have years of sexual experience; this program will supercharge your current bedroom skills, giving you the power, confidence, and expertise to be the best she’s ever had.

What You’ll Learn In Master Lover Method

Explore the full spectrum of sexual possibilities

Over the course of five weeks, we’ll cover the full range of tools a man needs to master to confidently give and experience the highest levels of pleasure and connection with his lovers.

  • From how to use meditation and no-nonsense embodiment practices to awaken powerful sexual energy and last for hours.
  • To how to smoothly escalate, initiate sensually dominant touch, and unleash her wildest sides.
  • Learn practical Tantric Sex techniques to heighten sensation and connection, and blend into your play without any rituals or dogma.
  • Confidently building authority, desire & intimacy by exploring the roles of dominant and submissive through fantasy play and BDSM.
  • Understanding female sexual psychology; opening clear and intimate lines of communication to build trust and connection.
  • Mastering advanced sexual techniques such as; toys, squirting, choking, oral & anal sex, and extreme dominance role plays.

Here’s a glimpse inside just a few of the 52 modules I cover inside the Master Lover Method:

  • Week 1- The Capable Lover: 10 Modules + Demos
  • Week 2 – The Creative Lover: 10 Modules + Demos
  • Week 3 – The Kinky Lover: 11 Modules + Demos
  • Week 4 – The Nasty Lover: 10 Modules + Demos
  • Week 5 – The Master Lover: 11 Modules + Demos

About The Author

My name is James Marshall

If you’ve been following me for a while you know me as the pioneer of natural style seduction and founder of the elite coaching company The Natural Lifestyles.

But well before I was getting hired by hedge fund moguls, tech CEOs, and European high society to teach my bedroom secrets, my sexual journey started with pitiful failure…

Back in Highschool, when I finally got in bed with my first girlfriend… I was floppy as old celery and remained that way.

First-time nerves? We tried again. And again. And again.

Until she got sick of the awkward fumbling and disappointing attempts and dumped me.

And this continued to happen to me with my next partners.

As humiliating as this was, and as tempting as it was to just retreat from sex altogether, I was driven to fix this.

This sparked a lifelong journey to not only solve my issues but to become a truly world-class lover.

After school, I traveled to temples across China and India, coming across ancient schools of Tantric and Taoist practices.

I had soon, not only completely solved my performance issues, I now had tools to start becoming a confidently creative lover.

What happened after that could fill an erotic novel…

From developing as a seducer and later dating coach, diving deep into the BDSM scene and learning from every expert I could find, finding myself on regular wild debaucherous escapades often pleasuring 3- 5 women a week, to eventually starring in high-budget porn and later developing the world’s most high end “hands-on” sex workshops.

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