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Seduce Her Today – How To Get Girls: Approach, Date & Seduce

Seduce Her Today – How To Get Girls: Approach, Date & Seduce

Seduce Her Today – How To Get Girls: Approach, Date & Seduce

You see a girl smiling at you.

You smile back at her.

So what do you say to her?

This is where most guys clam up and do nothing.

They let the girl go on about her day without a word said. Not even a “hello.”

Girls HATE rejection…

So you KNOW she’s not going to start the conversation.

She’s not risking that embarrassment when she has tons of dudes willing to do it for her.

Let’s pretend you’re most guys, and you’re willing to say something after she smiles at you.

“Hi, I’m Derek.”

“Hi, I’m Christina.”

You both feel some butterflies in your stomach.

But you’re still just standing there.

And your mind is blank.

You realize you have NOTHING interesting to say.

(Does she want to hear about my job? Do I ask about her job?)

Sweat builds on your brow and your heart begins to race.

Panic sets in and you EJECT yourself from the interaction.

You say, “Ok, bye!” and you run off hating yourself for not talking to her longer.

“Better to reject yourself than have her reject you” – That’s what your ego tells you (what a c*ckblock)


Let’s imagine you magically don’t leave.

But you’re still standing there. Heart pounding. Sweat building. And you still can’t come up with ANYTHING interesting to say.

So, you blurt out, “do you come here often?” (and you cringe inside thinking, “Why did I ask her that?”)

She looks left and right with a quizzical expression. “To Main Street?”

“Uhhh, yea,” you stammer. “Are you headed to work?”

“I’m losing her. I’m losing her. I’m losing her.” Races through your mind over and over again.

She glances off into the direction she was headed before you stopped her.

“Yes,” she says flatly.

You see her eyes have glazed over.

“Where do you work?” you reply. (Why do I ask these stupid questions?!)

Her shoulders slump. “Sorry, I have to go.” And she walks off down the street.

You stare at her butt thinking, “Too bad. I’m never going to get to see that in my bed.”

That’s been your whole life hasn’t it. Missed opportunities or boring conversations with women.

96.8% of men go through life that way. The average man has 7 sexual partners in their entire life. SEVEN.

These men never had someone to teach them what to say, or how to be attractive, with that hot long haired brunette with green eyes and a shy smile.

So you need to adjust your strategy. ( Being nice and giving her compliments is not a good strategy.)

From early reference experiences, some guys are naturally good with women.

They know what to say and how to be attractive with girls.

But MOST GUYS don’t know how to approach her and keep her interest.

I didn’t.

And most guys don’t realize – YOU CAN LEARN THESE SKILLS.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably not good with women.

  • You don’t know what to say when that hot girl walk skips on past you in the city plaza.
  • You don’t know how to be attractive.
  • And you need some help.


What You’ll Learn In How To Get Girls: Approach, Date & Seduce

  • How to spot her subtle signals that 31 of 32 men miss. (So you’ll know before talking to her if she likes the look of you.)
  • What to say when you meet her on the street, in a bar, a coffee shop, the mall, anywhere!
  • How to create attraction out of thin air. (It’s not being a nice helpful gentleman.)
  • How to take her on a fun date where it’ll likely end up IN YOUR BEDROOM.

In her mind, she gets to meet a fun unpredictable guy. (THAT’S GOLD TO HER. That’s her Rom-Com Hollywood Moment!)

“He just gets it.”

That’s what she‘ll tell her friends when they ask about you.

“You have to meet him. I can’t describe it. He’s hot and he gets it!”

Then all the girls go “ooooo” and giggle.

  • So what do you say you when you see her on the street?
  • How do you build attraction out of thin air?
  • How do you text her to meet up?
  • How do you go on a successful date where it ends in your bedroom???
  • And how do you keep her interested after you sleep with her???

Get this course and you’ll find out in great detail.

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