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Mark Patrick – Stop Smoking Hypnosis – Ultimate Non-Smoker

Mark Patrick – Stop Smoking Hypnosis – Ultimate Non-Smoker

Mark Patrick – Stop Smoking Hypnosis – Ultimate Non-Smoker

What You’ll Learn In Stop Smoking Hypnosis – Ultimate Non-Smoker

1) Habitual Non-Smoker™

This program will change your views of yourself at the core level. This uses the latest mind/body technology so you’ll no longer see yourself as a smoker…you’ll see yourself as a non-smoker. Non-smokers don’t buy cigarettes, nor do they smoke.

The main premise of this program is to create the behavior and belief that you DO NOT want to smoke, and reinforce that in your subconscious. You will find this method of changing your belief about cigarettes to be amazingly simple, yet incredibly empowering.

2) Cravings Cure™

Cravings Cure is for my tough cases. Usually 25-30% of my clients need this. It utilizes Aversion Therapy, which simply creates a thought of disgust or repulsion at your subconscious level towards cigarettes and the thought of smoking. While this approach was very popular years ago, many hypnotists today have steered away from it.

For those that need a hard-core approach, this will do the trick. A lot of my clients really like this session and feel relief that they will be totally turned off to cigarettes. If you feel that is for you, you will love this  hypnosis session because it really will create a repulsive feeling toward smoking.

3) Subliminal Non-Smoker™

This program uses the latest technology for implanting suggestions into both the left side and right side of your brain. Covers both the analytical and creative sides of the brain. Best of all it can be listened to anytime you want to. It is designed to listen to on the go with your eyes open. Comes with a great upbeat music track.

Subliminal Non-Smoker is an awesome way to deliver these messages to your subconscious mind without being aware of the actual words spoken. All you will hear is music and occasional parts of words. I also included a copy of the script so you will know exactly what is said.

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