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Rich Frye – Flowing Body, Flexible Mind

Rich Frye – Flowing Body, Flexible Mind

Rich Frye – Flowing Body, Flexible Mind

What you’ll learn in Flowing Body, Flexible Mind

“A man who holds a cat by its tail will learn something he can learn in no other way.”
—Mark Twain

Our lives are largely habitual. We learn from what we attend to, and we become what we practice. When we do not attend to our actions, we are being habitual. Very often our movements, thoughts, and behaviors are all running on old learning, old assumptions, old beliefs.

“We learn from what we attend to, and we become what we practice.”

Many of our most powerful “core beliefs” were formed when we were young children and have never been updated. These childish beliefs about ourselves and our world we originally created to protect us from unpleasant feelings; but now, years later, many of our habitual defenses limit our ability to be in relationship and cause us emotional and physical pain. Using techniques and insights from the Feldenkrais and

Hakomi Methods, these lessons will improve your body awareness, promote relaxation and an easy, balanced posture, and relieve stress, anxiety, and chronic tension. You will learn to use mindful awareness to become more comfortable in your body and more effective in your life.

“Flowing Body movement lessons are a highly developed language for compassionate communication with the unconscious through movement.”

As we age, our histories manifest in our bodies as physical pain, poor postural habits, emotional stress, and limited mobility. Although our mental and physical efficiency can actually increase under moderate amounts of stress (read “challenge”), chronic stress is toxic and causes mental and physical harm. We need improved body awareness and relaxation techniques that calm, reset, and reorient our nervous systems. By becoming aware of our unconscious patterns of thinking and being, we release the hold of our habits.

“The common association of good posture with poise–mental and physical tranquility–is an excellent criterion–neither excessive muscular tension nor emotional intensity is compatible with good posture.”
—Moshe Feldenkrais

Flowing Body movement lessons lead you through a wide range of fascinating movement explorations which bring you back to your center, improve freedom of movement, relieve stress, promote relaxation, and restore an easy, balanced posture: you will feel and function better in ways you have forgotten were possible.

Guarantee: If Flowing Body lessons do not improve your everyday sense of well-being, by whatever standard you want to apply, simply return them for a full refund.

“We make the impossible possible, the difficult easy, and the easy elegant.”
—Moshe Feldenkrais

The full set of Flowing Body, Flexible Mind audio tapes consists of ten 50-minute lessons on ten CDs (or seven audio cassettes). Through a systematic sequence of interesting and unusual movements, these lessons integrate every part of your body into new patterns of moving and being, giving a welcome sense of spaciousness in your body and in your life. The entire set is $75 plus postage.

“Feldenkrais is the most sophisticated method I have seen for the prevention and reversal of deterioration of function.”
—Margaret Mead

Each lesson provides integration at three levels. First, each complete lesson contains several parts which work together to integrate your whole body through a particular movement pattern (a typical Feldenkrais lesson). Second, the sublessons within each whole lesson organize the same parts of your body smoothly into different movement patterns. And third, by using the ten “Rolfing” sessions as a template, the entire set of ten lessons is carefully designed to integrate the whole body into more comfortable patterns.

The lessons have gone through three editions since 1993, in a continuing effort to make them even more effective.

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