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Serge Kahili King – Kahili Healing Course

Serge Kahili King – Kahili Healing Course

Kahi Loa Massage, and much, much more

The Kahili Healing Course may be the most amazing course on healing ever made available. Drawing upon the Hawaiian teachings of the Kahili family, who adopted him as a young man, Dr. King presents the Instant Healing video workshop, an incredibly effective type of lomilomi called “Kahi Loa,” and many more of his own discoveries in this one-of-a-kind course with six hours of video plus an audio workshop and an audio lecture.


To understand the principles of Hawaiian-based “Instant Healing” and to practice and become proficient at using these healing techniques for yourself and others.

What You’ll Learn In Kahili Healing Course

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  • InstHealvid
  • Rescuevid
  • Secrets of Stress.mp3
  • Techniques For Shamanic Healing Audio Files

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