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Robert Anthony – Self-Confidence Creator

Robert Anthony – Self-Confidence Creator

Robert Anthony – Self-Confidence Creator

Discover the Rapid Change Process that Installs Self-Confidence in JUST 7 Days and Puts an End to the Painful Self-Doubt and Fear that Has Held You Hostage Your Whole Life

Introducing the Self-Confidence Creator – 7 Days to Unstoppable Self-Confidence

The fact is, when you have Unstoppable Self-Confidence, your whole world will change. You will develop an internal power to control your life in every situation.

When you program your Subconscious mind with an unshakable belief in yourself, nothing will be impossible. You will take immediate, massive, repeated action and never give up until you make your dreams come true.

That’s exactly why I put together my Self-Confidence Creator program. The powerful truth is that you have the Self-Confidence Creator within you – I’m just going to show you how to use it.

This program is unlike anything you’ve seen or experienced before. The results are so quick you won’t believe it. You will experience higher levels of Self-Confidence IMMEDIATELY.

Until now, there has been NOTHING like this. The Self-Confidence Creator is TOTALLY focused on helping you increase your Self-Confidence to higher and measurable levels in just 7 days.

Let’s take a look and see how it works.

What You’ll Learn In Self Confidence Creator

Module 1: “Updating Your Model of Self-Confidence”

The Self-Confidence Creator is a combination of information and installation. The information I give you in Module One is designed to teach you how to “model” the habits, attitudes, skills and strategies of High Self-Confidence people.

You will not only learn how to model these habits, attitudes, skills and strategies, but you will have a clear picture of how you have been unconsciously sabotaging yourself up until now.

You only need to play this once, but you’ll probably want to play it a few times because you will find it inspiring, informative and highly motivational.

Once your Conscious or logical mind is satisfied that you can “model” these skills and strategies, it will allow you to make the changes at the Subconscious or emotional level.

Module 2: “Changing Your Self-Confidence Emotional Set Point”

It isn’t enough to know about Self-Confidence. You must feel Self-Confident. Your ability to feel Self-Confident is directly proportional to your beliefs at the emotional, not the intellectual, level. That’s why the emotional level is where you and I will do the change work.

To change your behavior you have to change the emotion behind the behavior. That’s why the most important factor in building Self-Confidence is to gain control over your EMOTIONAL STATE. When you do this you automatically lower your level of anxiety and uncertainty and are able to feel confident in ANY situation.

Each one of us has a Self-Confidence Emotional “Set-Point” that keeps us stuck where we are. If we want to change our Self-Confidence Emotional “Set Point” we also must go to the emotional or energetic level.

To do this, I use a hypno-energetic process that will allow you to feel more energized, more determined, more motivated and more Self-Confident at the emotional and energetic level. I began using this process, in my practice, several years ago and it has always given my clients consistent and positive results and now you’ll experience it for yourself.

In module 2, you’ll reset your Self-Confidence Emotional “Set Point” so that every limitation and every negative belief that has ever been placed on you in regards to your ability to FEEL Self-Confident is removed.

All you have to do is listen to this powerful hypno-energetic audio for 10 minutes per day for 5 consecutive days and you will have it for life! You never have to do it again. It’s that powerful!

Module 3: “The ‘Self-Confidence Booster Auto Programming System”

The “Self-Confidence Booster” Auto Programming System will bolster your Self-Confidence to noticeably higher levels.

First, in only about 12 minutes, you will install your personalized Self-Confidence “anchor”. Then you can start using the 5 Minute “Self-Confidence Booster” audio program as often as you like, and each time you play it you will feel an immediate BOOST in your Self-Confidence level.

The most powerful feature of the “Self-Confidence Booster” is that it uses the strongest emotional state for your mind to accept the programming. To achieve this, I brought in Julian Wass to create specially structured, high energy music, that is the perfect vibrational match to the emotional state of self-confidence, this specially structured music, combined with the words you are listening to, automatically installs the programming of self-confidence in your subconscious for you.

I have some great news for you, if you lack Self-Confidence that’s because you’ve been telling yourself every day who and what you are. This proves that you are very good at talking to yourself, so I can use what you are already doing to turn things around for you. It’s awesome!

That’s why I know the “Self-Confidence Booster” will work for you, because it uses the same repetition you have unconsciously used to create you current level of Self-Confidence. You’re already using a similar emotional state when you talk to yourself. You’ve proven that it works! And the way I do it, you will finally get the results you desire.

The best part is that this unique programming is completely passive. Why is it passive? Because, it actually works best when you don’t actively think about it. The whole idea is to get your Conscious mind out of the way so I can work directly with the Subconscious.

All you have to do is play the “Self-Confidence Booster” for about 5 minutes and it will do all the work on a Conscious and Subconscious level.

I based it on this principle…. If you think something once, it’s just a thought… If you think something many times, it becomes a habit… And if you think something habitually, it becomes the way you live.

The “Self-Confidence Booster” will become your best friend. Use it anytime you feel you need a Confidence BOOST. And each time you play it, you will FEEL unstoppable.

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