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Holden Qigong – Qi Gong for Visualization & Manifestation

Holden Qigong – Qi Gong for Visualization & Manifestation

Holden Qigong – Qi Gong for Visualization & Manifestation

Discover How to Use Your Mind and Qi to Manifest Your Best Life – Boundless Energy, a Joyful Heart, and Abundance in All Forms

Are you ready to experience the world of abundance, both within you and in the world all around you?

Imagine this:

  • You craft an inner vision of your highest potential for life… and seamlessly, effortlessly, and with great joy it all comes to pass.
  • These techniques might seem like magic, but it’s not when you know how to work with energy and intent.
  • Arthur C. Clarke said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
  • What we’re talking about is an extremely advanced form of energy technology which only appears to be magic because it works effortlessly.
  • The two key ingredients to this magic – Qi and Yi. Qi is your life-force energy. Yi, in Chinese, signifies intention. It’s the power of your mind, heart, and vision. (You can read more on the power of Yi below.)
  • Meaning: you create what you want with your inner power and your imagination.
  • Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

The journey to financial freedom… to abundant health… to deep relationships with your family starts the moment you decide you want them. It’s starts with the heart and desire.

  • Do you have the money and financial freedom you desire?
  • Are you living with love in your heart on a daily basis?
  • Do you feel energized and excited about your day?
  • Would you like to create better health and more energy?

It’s time for the blessings of abundance to pour into your life. Bring in more boundless energy. More confidence in your body. And glowing health that makes you radiate from within.

Let 2020 be the year you unleash your soul’s mission, open up your creative ability, and attract abundance in all its forms. You have everything that’s needed. You just need to discover it within yourself.

Learn the Ancient Chinese Secret to Manifest Radiant Health, Connection with Soul-Family, Financial Abundance, and Deeper Relationships this Year

  • Intention is an energy. It is a force like gravity that influences the world around you.
  • In Qi Gong, it is said that “the mind leads the Qi.”
  • To lead the Qi in the direction that you want requires clear intent. In Chinese, intent is translated as “Yi”, which signifies “mind, eye, heart power.”

Mind signifies the power of attention and where you put your focus. Eye represents inner vision. And heart is the emotion, energy, and passion behind your vision.

Here in lies the secret to manifestation:

  • When you align your life-force energy (Qi) with the power of your intent (Yi) your intention becomes powerful.
  • It’s like throwing gasoline on a fire.

Your life-force energy, fueled by your clear intent, becomes a “signal fire” to the Universe. A signal fire for you to get exactly what your heart desires most. The trouble is most people’s inner vision, mind, and heart are clouded. They’re blocked by negative energies and thoughts.

So when they try to manifest what they want?

They end up getting all the things they don’t want.

In order to manifest the life, abundance, health, and relationships you want you must clear your mind, cleanse your heart, and remove the fog of negative energies from your inner eye. Then boundless creativity, imagination, and awareness naturally arise… and the Universe receives a clear signal of exactly what you want.

In Qi Gong for Visualization & Manifestation workshop, you will learn how to cleanse the lens of your mind, craft intentions with power, and use your mind to skillfully craft the life you want. Imagine crafting an inner vision of your highest life potential… knowing with rock-solid certainty that what you desire most will come to pass.

What You’ll Learn In Qi Gong for Visualization and Manifestation

  • ​Learn how to use the “3 Fundamental Principles of Manifesting” to create unlimited abundance in all forms (financial, relational, spiritual, and health)
  • Learn a Qi Gong routine you can use at any time to “power up” the energy of your vision
  • Unlock the hidden power of your mind to create the life you know you deserve
  • Use a special “anchoring” technique to nearly guarantee the Universe knows exactly what you want… so it can create it for you
  • Discover the most common pitfalls of manifestation (you don’t want to manifest what you don’t want) and how to avoid them
  • Learn a simple, daily “Manifestation Meditation” to call in radiant health connection with your soul-family, and financial abundance

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