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Kevin Hogan – Learn Body Language

Kevin Hogan – Learn Body Language

Kevin Hogan – Learn Body Language

Frightening Messages You Didn’t Mean to Send

Attentive Body Language.

You’re having what you consider to be a pretty important conversation over dinner.

The ambience?

Excellent. In fact perfect. White candles…just lit, white wine, a few lillies. You look good.

Everything is running smoothly this evening. You couldn’t have asked for better. The new suit fits particularly well and the color, much to your surprise, worked.

You’ve been talking for what seems like 5 minutes. You got on a roll and stayed there. You painted a vivid picture and you can tell she is there.

She’s sitting right by you and she goes to give you a kiss. Excellent. She smiles and returns to her wine then becomes completely unaware that she is fixing her hair.

You unconsciously mirror her behavior.

You don’t even think about it because EVERYTHING is going so perfectly tonight! You smooth your hair.

She consciously recognizes that primping and for an unknown reason she INSTANTLY feels uncomfortable and a little nervous.

Inside of your mind you are playing with how to phrase the BIG QUESTION. Then you just say it. How could it go wrong?!?!

“I think we should go for it.”

You smile a deep heartfelt genuine smile.

She instantly thinks, NO WAY!

It’s out of nowhere and she has no idea why she feels that way. She’s a little surprised, but she has come to trust her gut on all things.

She states the response we all say when we are fearful and know we probably shouldn’t be.

“Let me think about it.”

You’re dumbfounded.

Learn Body Language: Introducing The Complete Body Language Home Study Course

If you want to get the same training as my seminar attendees at the comfort and privacy of your own home – at a tiny fraction of they are paying- then you’ll be quite pleased with the Complete Body Language Home Study course on CD/DVD and online.

This Learn Body Language program has been designed to teach you how to understand and use nonverbal communication quickly and correctly. In most cases, you can read the REAL signs of liking, disliking, honesty or deception… in less than 10 seconds, with significant accuracy.

It’s designed for the benefit of both business and personal relationships. Why? Because the nonconscious mind, which directs almost all nonverbal communication, doesn’t know if you are at the office or in the kitchen. It just reacts.

I converted the scientific aspects of nonverbal communication into a foolproof system that even a 12-year old can understand. In this program, I’ll walk you step-by-step through the entire process. I’ll teach you all the key secrets of nonverbal communication to skyrocket your sales, get your dream date, enjoy satisfying relationships, and be successful in your daily interactions with people.

I’ll reveal to you how to determine whether someone likes you or not. I’ll show you how to read with precision whether they are leaning towards a “yes” or a “no.” Like any skill, it simply takes a little time investment to learn.

The payoff? Enormous. Being able to control every situation you are in.

In Learn Body Language, we’ll analyze over 100 candid photos of celebrity couples in different settings. From the tilt of the head to where the the feet are pointed, you’ll know exactly what they’re thinking or feeling.

Analyzing celebrity photos is the best way to learn because these people are difficult to read (They play roles that appeal to the public and are always “on”). But just like what you have already learned to see, the little cues tell quite a story – the story that the nonconscious is revealing, but the conscious mind is not.

It was recently reported that I was correct 46 out of 48 times in interpreting the nonverbal communicaiton of Hollywood couples, as to whether they would break up or not within the next two years. No one has ever achieved that feat. Remember that these people are difficult because they “act out” to seek public approval.

About Kevin Hogan

Kevin Hogan is a star maker. He’s a dynamic, well-known international public speaker, consultant, and corporate trainer. Kevin Hogan has trained persuasion, sales and marketing skills to leaders in the government of Poland, employees from Mutual of Omaha, Novazymes, Madden Media, Boeing, Microsoft, FM World, Brian Tracy International, Starbucks, Cargill, Pillsbury, Carlson Companies, Fortis Insurance, Maserati, Great Clips, the State of Minnesota, 3M, The United States Postal Service, The Million Dollar Round Table and numerous other Fortune 500 companies. His 24 books have been translated into 43 languages all around the world.

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