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Conor Harris – Beginner Body Restoration

Conor Harris – Beginner Body Restoration

Conor Harris – Beginner Body Restoration

Easy exercises with big results. Designed for total beginners who want to move & feel better.

  • Short & Sweet
    We’re all busy these days. There are five exercises to be done 3-4 times per week. These drills give you the biggest bang-for-your-buck and address multiple muscles and joints at once.
  • Progressed Exercises
    Each phase of the program has exercises that build upon the previous weeks so you can maximize progression and mobility gains.
  • Anyone Can Do It
    I made this program for anyone to be able to do it – whether you have never stretched a day in your life or you’re a seasoned weightroom veteran who is looking to feel better.

Less Thinking, More Executing

A common reason why some struggle to see success from popular “corrective exercise” programs is that:

  • Exercises are too challenging
  • Exercises are too quickly progressed

I have picked the exercises that require the least amount of thinking and mental effort while still yielding incredible results.

The Beginner Body Restoration is divided into three, two-week phases that logically build upon each other to maximize your progress.

Extremely Detailed Videos

I understand it can be challenging to learn an exercise through a video without having a coach guide you through the process. That’s why I have highly detailed 4K videos that each address:

  • The purpose of the exercise
  • How to do it with proper form
  • What you should feel
  • Common mistakes and how to correct them

Who is Beginner Body Restoration for?

Anyone who feels like their stiff body is preventing them from living the life they want.

If you want to “reset” your body by addressing the true root cause of what leads to an achey body, the Beginner Body Restoration is designed for you.

This can include:

  • Stiff backs
  • Achey shoulders
  • Irritated knees
  • Tight hips

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