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Irena O’Brien – Neuroscientists Self-Study Program

Irena O’Brien – Neuroscientists Self-Study Program

Irena O’Brien – Neuroscientists Self-Study Program

The Neuroscientists Self-Study Plan includes unlimited access to our 16 premium Masterclasses, their updates and upgrades. As a self-study student, you’ll also have access to new Masterclasses as and when they are added. The Masterclasses are in video and audio format, and include pdfs of the slides and transcripts, so you’ll be able to access them when and where you like.

The Neuroscientists Self-Study Plan is ideal for you if you’re someone who likes to learn on your own or at your own pace.

As soon as you join Neuroscientists Self-Study Program, you have access to the following for one year:

  • 15 premium Masterclasses, together with their updates and upgrades.
  • New Masterclasses as and when they are added.
  • Digests of Emerging Research. These are summaries of brand new research of interest to you and your clients, and posted regularly.

What You’ll Learn In Neuroscientists Self-Study Program

  1. Meet Your Brain
  2. Neuroplasticity: How to Make Change Stick
  3. Focus and Decision-Making
  4. Willpower and Motivation
  5. The Neuroscience of Stress
  6. Gut-Brain Connection
  7. Exercise and Brain Health
  8. Sleep and Brain Health
  9. Science of Flow
  10. New Neuroscience of Emotion
  11. Creativity and Problem-Solving
  12. Flow in Teams
  13. Neuroscience of Relationships
  14. Creating Strong Habits
  15. Resilience

About Dr. Irena O’Brien

Dr. Irena O’Brien is a cognitive neuroscientist and has been studying psychology and neuroscience for over 20 years. After working as a chartered accountant for 15 years, she went back to university and obtained her PhD in Psychology from the Université du Québec à Montréal. While there, she conducted brain imaging and electrophysiological studies and went on to do a postdoctoral fellowship at the Centre for Language, Mind and Brain at McGill University.

Dr. Irena is passionate about neuroscience. She reads and writes about the latest research in neuroscience and psychology, which offer us practical tools and strategies that we can use to better our own lives and the lives of our our clients. She is a testament to that, continuing to use what she learns from neuroscience in her own life and that of her family.

Which is why she founded The Neuroscience School, a neuroscience training and information programme for coaches and health and wellness professionals, where she un-complicates neuroscience and teaches practical evidence-based tools and strategies her students can use in their practice. One of her pet peeves is the misinformation about neuroscience that floods the media and her goal is to right that wrong. Dr. Irena is particularly interested in how our lifestyle choices impact brain structure and function, affecting mood and cognitive functioning into old age. She is a firm believer that having a healthy brain and mind requires a healthy body.

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