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Denise Linn – The Ultimate Clutter Clearing Journey

Denise Linn – The Ultimate Clutter Clearing Journey

Denise Linn – The Ultimate Clutter Clearing Journey

Understanding What You Value Most

When we clear our lives of clutter, we not only release what is not working for us, we propel ourselves forward to discovering a better version of ourselves. Discover how “buyer’s remorse” can adversely affect your life.

Clutter-Free Bedrooms Are a Metaphor for Your Life

Learn how a clutter-free bedroom can be a great start to a clear and clean soul.

Get Rid of It!

What You’ll Learn In The Ultimate Clutter Clearing Journey

  • The deeper spiritual significance of clutter and how clutter clearing is a kind of modern-day alchemy that can catapult you on your spiritual path
  • What clutter is (physical, mental, and emotional) and what it represents
  • The underlying reasons you have clutter—and what makes it so hard to let go of
  • How clutter creates blockages in your life and impedes your progress toward the life you desire
  • How to clutter clear your own home, room by room, and your own life

The Ultimate Clutter Clearing Journey is powerful on a soul level. It’s a sacred process that will help you discover how to work with the energy around you and make life-enhancing choices through the process of clearing clutter. Plus, you’ll learn how to surround yourself with items, relationships, and energy that truly uplift you—so you can life a miraculous life!

The Ultimate Clutter Clearing Journey Curriculum


In this foundational lesson, Denise Linn introduces you to The Linn Method of clutter clearing, explaining why it isn’t your typical clutter-clearing program—and why it works so well. And why does it? Because it taps deep into your subconscious beliefs so you can address the root causes of your clutter. As she notes over and over again: “Clutter isn’t just about the stuff.” Creating an altar—a ceremony that focuses your clutter-clearing efforts—and filling out an in-depth life assessment questionnaire help you begin the process. Denise also takes you on numerous inner journeys to get you even more deeply in touch with your desires and how those relate to the energy of your home.


You’ve heard that clutter is a huge problem in the U.S.—we have bigger houses and storage units full of things we never use—but what constitutes clutter? As Denise Linn defines it, clutter is an accumulation of things that impede the flow of energy in your home and life.

Every object has energy, and that energy can either raise or diminish your own energy. Noting that what is clutter to one person may not be clutter to another, Denise Linn introduces a concept that you’ll hear on repeat throughout this course: “If you love it or use it, it isn’t clutter.” With this understanding, she moves on to explore why so many of us hold on to clutter—and lays out clearly why we need to stop this.


In this lesson you finally get to do some clutter clearing! After giving you practical, straightforward tools to prepare you for your clearing efforts, Denise Linn dives in to specific information on how to clear your master bedroom, your master closet, and your master bathroom—the three most important areas according to feng shui wisdom.

With simple tips and techniques, she walks you through each room, discussing everything from clearing to organizing the items you keep to feng shui ideas of color and arrangement. She also covers a powerful technique called space clearing, which helps rid spaces of negative energy. By doing space clearing along with clutter clearing, you can create a home that feels and looks spectacular.


This hard-working lesson picks up where the last one left off. In it, Denise Linn continues moving room by room through your home with advice for clearing your entryway, kitchen, living room, home office, attic, basement, garage, and car. With discussion of the purpose of each area along with probing questions about your desired outcomes, she guides you, step by step, through evaluating the things you own to determine if you are ready to bid them adieu. She again speaks not only to clearing but also to organization and feng shui techniques for creating a beautiful and energetically uplifting home.


By now you know that clutter isn’t just physical. You can have time clutter, relationship clutter, and mental clutter—all areas of focus in this powerful fifth lesson. What Denise Linn has come to realize is that no matter how clean and clear your home is, you will not truly live up to your potential if your time is cluttered with busywork or if your relationships don’t inspire the best in you.

The same goes for having a mind cluttered with guilt, fear, shame, and self-doubt. Using probing inner journeys, Denise Linn helps you look at these intangibles in your own life to determine what needs to shift and then gives advice on how to do this. She also covers a topic that often adds to our mental clutter: food.

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