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Chandra Bindu Tantra – Sex Actualization

Chandra Bindu Tantra – Sex Actualization

Chandra Bindu Tantra – Sex Actualization

In Sex Actualization, you are guided through the same Tantric practices, exercises and meditations experienced in the live Sex Actualization classes. You’ll receive all the information, lectures, opening and closing practices – as if you were here, participating live – and – you’ll have the videos to refer back to and practice over and over, taking the techniques deeper each time.

What You’ll Learn In Sex Actualization

  • Session 1. Sex & Kundalini Energy
  • Session 2. Partner Practice & New Beginnings
  • Session 3. What is Love?
  • Session 4. Sexual Confidence & Generosity
  • Session 5. Mutual Orgasm
  • Session 6. Sex & Self-Discovery

You’ll learn, practice, question and explore specific practices that cultivate a sexual charge in the pelvis. You’ll learn ways of activating the Kundalini and every aspect of who we are during lovemaking. You’ll investigate male and female arousal anatomy, taking a close look at regions that have been deleted from modern anatomy books. You’ll delve into the what, why, when and how of sexual chemistry, what it is, what it means and how to harness it – in every type of relationship. And, you’ll look at the parallels between academic Tantra research and live practice as we dive deep into the potency of our sexuality.

What to expect from Sex Actualization

  • Learn specific techniques that will allow you to open up your body to experience completely what you are capable of as a sexual and spiritual being.
  • Learn about Tantra as a spiritual pursuit and journey.
  • Learn how to feel the sexual energy in your body and how to exchange it with a partner so that you merge together as one.
  • Learn how to surrender to a full body orgasm – to have access to your orgasm more naturally and easily than you do now.
  • Experience sexual energy moving through your body and learn how to make that happen.
  • Discover new ways of opening your heart and being vulnerable with another person – powered by your sexual energy.
  • Experience surrender and relaxation in high states of arousal.
  • Share your sexual self with your partner without fear – be completely yourself, completely honest, your most authentic self.
  • Discover your own personal Tantric quest, what can you expect to happen on the journey? Where are you going? What is possible for you?
  • Reconnect with your genitals and feel them pulsing with sexual energy and desire – awake to your aliveness.
  • Be completely present in sexual moments with no expectations of yourself or your partner, in joy, in gratitude – in just being – with no judgments.
  • Discover your sexual empowerment, learn how to give of yourself without fear.
  • Experience a heart that has opened, not through trying to be loving, but by allowing aliveness to flow through your body and feel vulnerable and full of love, love you can share with others easily and naturally.
  • Be truly intimate with yourself and others with your sexual energy as an incredible force of awakening and vitality.
  • And – I’ll share some of what my journey has been and how it’s unfolding. My goals for myself. The techniques I practice.

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