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Jaden Phoenix – Consciousness Magic Study Group

Jaden Phoenix – Consciousness Magic Study Group

Jaden Phoenix – Consciousness Magic Study Group

Come with Jaden on a journey to explore consciousness. During this 4 workshop series, Jaden will take you from the basic background necessary to begin to use your consciousness to shift and change your reality with a holographic model, through more advanced techniques to deepen your skills of holographic transformation, and finally into the spiritual realms that consciousness expansion inevitably leads to.


Anyone can join, no prior experience necessary!

Holographic Foundations Part A, self-paced, registration open now

Holographic Foundations Part B, self-paced, registration open now  (prerequisite, Foundations A)

Advanced Holographic Transformations Part C, self-paced, registration open now (prerequisite, Foundations A and B)

Holographic Mastery: Spiritual Transformation Part D, self-paced, registration open now (prerequisite, Advanced Transformations C)

What You’ll Learn In Consciousness Magic Study Group

Holographic Foundations A: Energy and Consciousness 

  • Week 1: Energy vs Consciousness
  • Week 2: The Role of Intent
  • Week 3: Finding the Point of Power
  • Week 4: Finding Patterns
  • Week 5: Subduing the Cry of the Ego

Holographic Foundations B: Basic Transformation Skills (prerequisite Foundations A)

  • Week 1: Changing What You Don’t Want
  • Week 2: Creating What You Do Want
  • Week 3: Accessing What You Cannot Imagine
  • Week 4: Adding Dimensional Shifts
  • Week 5: Basics of Healing and Manifestation

Holographic Transformation: Advanced Skills (prerequisite Foundations A and B)

  • Week 1: Working on Yourself
  • Week 2: Working at a Distance
  • Week 3: Creating Lasting Changes
  • Week 4: Working with Relationships
  • Week 5: In-depth Work with Dimensional Shifts

Holographic Mastery: Spiritual Transformation (prerequisite A, B, and C)

  • Week 1: Unity
  • Week 2: BE-ing
  • Week 3: Letting Go of 3-d Focus
  • Week 4: Walking Home to Self
  • Week 5: Creating Together a New World

About Jaden Phoenix

Jaden Phoenix, alchemist

Jaden Phoenix founded Alchemy Wisdom in 2004 and is the author of Beyond Human: Claiming the Power and Magic of Your Limitless Self. Her first career as a college professor might explain her unique ability to teach esoteric concepts in her books and workshops. Her second career,  as a registered nurse and a massage therapist, quickly diverged into exploring her true interests in modern alchemy and consciousness technologies that create fast and effective shifts for her clients and for herself.

She has taught nationally with Dr. Richard Bartlett, the founder of the Matrix Energetics system, and is teaching and lecturing regularly via teleconference and webinar, with occasional appearances nationally and internationally, while still maintaining a private practice.  Other studies include Natural Healing, Neuro Modulation Technique, neuro-linguistic programming, shamanic work, Egyptian alchemy, consciousness studies, and over ten years of martial arts studies.

Jaden is passionate about creating opportunities to share and explore knowledge in the area of consciousness studies. With her combination of training, she has developed a method called Holographic Healing, a system of transformation that she delivers to individuals and to groups via teleconference, as well as a workshop called Holographic Principles, which she teaches nationally and internationally to participants who want to learn these powerful methods. She continues to develop a series of transformational downloads that are affordable ways to tap into new vibrations and energies that promote radical change in people’s lives. An ordained minister and trained as an intuitive, she has been teaching and counseling for over twenty years.

In her spare time, Jaden does some hospice nursing and enjoys doing pet therapy with her dog, Charlie, and volunteering in her community. She lives in Oregon on her urban farm and loves spending time gardening, tending the chickens, and hiking with her rescue dog, Tucker.

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