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Grandmaster Chunyi Lin – Heal Yourself And Others With The Power Of Qigong

Grandmaster Chunyi Lin – Heal Yourself And Others With The Power Of Qigong

Grandmaster Chunyi Lin – Heal Yourself And Others With The Power Of Qigong

Explore how to live a longer, healthier life as one of the world’s most celebrated Qigong teachers guides you to cultivate your life-force energy and your mind with Spring Forest Qigong — so you can heal yourself and others.

What You’ll Learn In in Heal Yourself And Others With The Power Of Qigong

In Heal Yourself And Others With The Power Of Qigong, Master Chunyi Lin will guide you through the fundamental skills you’ll need to cultivate your life-force energy and your mind with Spring Forest Qigong to live a longer, healthier life — and bring healing to yourself and others.

Heal Yourself And Others With The Power Of Qigong will feature step-by-step teachings and experiential practices with Master Chunyi Lin. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to explore real-world practices and traditional disciplines to awaken the healer within.

Module 1: Qigong Healing Techniques for Self & Others

In this opening module, Master Chunyi Lin will help you learn the inner workings of the Qigong healing process.

He’ll explain its foundational principles, and guide you to practice your own healing process — so your understanding can broaden and deepen over these next seven modules.

Master Chunyi Lin will also share how to internalize the Qigong healing process so it can become part of your nature.

Module 2: The 6 Main Causes of Qi Blockages

In this module, you’ll discover the main causes of Qi blockages.

Master Chunyi Lin will share what Qi is, and what’s taking place behind the scenes when it becomes blocked.

He’ll explain what happens when a Qi blockage initially forms and where Qi blockages occur most often.

Module 3: The Progression of Qi Blockages

In this module, you’ll continue your journey as Master Chunyi Lin walks you through a progression of Qi blockages…

Master Chunyi Lin will explain why understanding the progression of Qi blockage allows you as a healer to assess its condition and develop a strategy to restore balance to the body.

Module 4: Cultivating Qi & Mastering Yi

In this module, you’ll delve into the core principles of Qigong…

You’ll explore Qi and Yi, and how to work with them at the same time — which is the key to becoming a powerful healer.

While everyone can practice Qigong, to become a powerful and effective healer you must cultivate and master your Qi.

You’ll explore the doors that open when you elevate yourself as a healer.

Master Lin will also explain the importance of unconditional love, kindness, forgiveness, and compassion in your healing work — which is putting love into action every day.

Module 5: Qigong Movement for Qi Cultivation

In this module, Master Lin will share specific Qigong movements to help you cultivate your Qi.

He’ll guide you, step-by-step, from preparing for the movement practice to harvesting the Qi and closing the practice. You’ll experience the Qi in your body so you can experience the power of Qigong.

You’ll also practice and refine your Qigong healing skills.

Module 6: Internal Refinement for Qi Cultivation

In this module, Master Lin will introduce and guide you to practice Qigong techniques for the process of internal refinement.

He’ll once again walk you through the Harvesting the Qi process — from your preparation to closing the practice.

You’ll discover how, from the Yin/Yang perspective of Qigong techniques, the internal refinement process is the Yin, which often influences Yang in a powerful way.

Your internal refinement process will enhance your Qigong movements and your effectiveness when healing others.

Once again, you’ll also practice your Qigong healing to help you cultivate your Qi and experience your Qi in your body.

Module 7: Expand Qigong Healing

In this closing module, Master Lin will share how to apply your healing ability beyond improving your own health and that of other humans.

You’ll learn how to use the methods you’ve explored during the past six modules to heal animals, plants, objects, houses, land, and more.

Master Lin will also briefly explain how to use these Qigong healing methods for long-distance or remote healing.

About Grandmaster Chunyi Lin

Master Chunyi Lin is the founder and creator of Spring Forest Qigong, a leading advocate of Qigong for healing and awakening, and a trainer for many Qigong Masters. Since 1995, his personal-study Qigong programs have positively transformed the lives of over 750,000 students, while his Qigong Teacher/Healer Certification programs have trained more than 400 Qigong professionals.

Chunyi Lin has been a celebrated speaker at countless major wellness and transformation conferences with audiences as large as 4,000, both in the U.S. and in 11 other countries. Master Lin is a media favorite, with network TV interviews by KNBC, Fox 9, and KMSP. Chunyi Lin has also been interviewed and featured in the New York Times, the Star Tribune, and Pioneer Press.

Chunyi Lin is a healer and wellness coach for thousands of private clients, including TV/film celebrities and professional athletes, and for multiple sports teams in the U.S. He is the author of Born a Healer… Head to Toe Healing: Your Body’s Repair Manual… and Head to Heart.

In 2010, Master Chunyi Lin was also selected as “Qigong Master of the Year” by the National Qigong Association. He is the director of the Spring Forest Qigong Healing Center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, overseeing more than 9,000 healing appointments annually. Master Lin has hosted a live weekly teaching program since 2010 called The Healing Connection, empowering students worldwide. He also leads multiple advanced Qigong retreats each year, all designed to help people discover their highest potential.

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