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Cyndi Dale – Radical Energy Healing

Cyndi Dale – Radical Energy Healing

Cyndi Dale – Radical Energy Healing

Dive deeply into the Divine Pathway with powerful energetic tools and practices for accessing healing energies in a level of reality where you always exist — and can call in guidance, initiate change, remove blocks, and experience healing through miracles you create.

What you’ll learn in Radical Energy Healing

In Radical Energy Healing, Cyndi Dale will guide you through the fundamental skills you’ll need to dive deeply into the Divine Pathway with powerful energetic tools and practices for calling in guidance, initiating change, removing blocks, and experiencing healing through miracles you create.

The Radical Energy Healing course will feature step-by-step teachings and experiential practices with Cyndi Dale. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you can dive deeply into the Divine Pathway with powerful energetic tools and practices for experiencing healing through miracles you create.

Module 1: Attuning to the Divine Pathway Through Your God Spot — Meet Angelic Beings & Experience Radiant Kundalini

The Divine Pathway is the most miraculous of the four levels of reality called “the four pathways.”

When interacting on this path of light and grace, you enjoy the entirety of yourself and are also able to lovingly shape the world around you.

In this opening module, Cyndi Dale will invite you to come and initiate yourself on this glittering pathway through your core center, the God Spot.

Cyndi Dale will also walk you through an introduction to the core concepts and techniques you’ll need to know and use throughout this program — including the God Spot; Spirit-to-Spirit; three types of light; Absolute Scalar Waves; basics about the chakras, wheels, and intuition; the angelic beings, and radiant kundalini.

You’ll begin to utilize prayer, meditation, and contemplation to serve as true tools of growth, healing, and happiness.

Module 2: Activating Your Miracle Body to Perform Precision Readings — Magical Healing, Manifesting & Magnetizing on All Levels

Did you know that your tenth auric field, which surrounds the entirety of your physical body, actually contains a little-known energy body that can be attributed to miraculous events?

It’s called the miracle body, a two-sided mirror through which you can perform two vital functions — conduct pinpoint-accurate readings and open to waves of grace for needed change physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

Cyndi Dale will guide you to practice using the inner layer of the miracle body to conduct a reading with accuracy — and using the outer layer to bring in the Absolute Scalar Waves you’ll need to perform healing.

Module 3: Becoming Your Guru-Self Through Hyper-Gamma, Lambda & Epsilon Consciousnesses

How can you enjoy the fruitfulness of your divinity on an everyday basis? Gurus, saints, shamans, and adepts do… why not you?

Cyndi Dale will reveal how you can attain the consciousness levels that lead to a sacred life…

As you’ll discover, the secret lies in knowing how to use the realms of consciousness to initiate calm awareness, invite divine guidance — and create a natural way to support healing and manifesting for self and others.

You’ll learn to employ a Divine Pathway initiation into the most life-enhancing consciousness states. These levels are: Hyper-gamma (the key to being present while experiencing samadhi, or flow), Lambda (which grants the mystical ability to serve as a channel of love), Epsilon (a transcendent and slow state that allows the clearing of old issues and blocks), and finally, Supraluminal and Subluminal (accessible realms that can provide solace, grace, and instantaneous ease).

Module 4: Creating Multi-Organ System Healing by Using Divine Pathway Protocols

As Cyndi Dale will share in this module, the human body is in constant need of upkeep and rebalancing.

How do you perform everything from small tweaks to large leaps? The key lies in supporting your central nervous system.

As you’ll discover, you can apply the Divine Pathway tools through the three layers of your sushumna — your Central Channel, or spine — improving the physical, psychological, and spiritual elements of your life.

Cyndi Dale will walk you through an overview of the three layers of the sushumna according to the Hindu tradition — the varja nadi (material); the chitri nadi (psychological); and the brahma nadi (divine/spiritual).

You’ll also gain a full picture of the relationship between the Hindu nadis, chakras, and your neurological and other bodily systems.

Module 5: Transforming Harmful Microbes With Divine Pathway Perceptions

You’ll discover that on the Divine Pathway, nothing is considered fully negative — instead, it’s a means to a higher end.

You’ll learn about the “higher” needs that are met through the families of microbes.

Then you’ll gain the ability to shift perceptions through spiritual petitioning, so microbes can benefit your body, mind, and soul.

Cyndi Dale will also share simple ways to apply divine principles through the God Spot to enable a positive morphing — and even the transcendence — of both harmful and beneficial microbes.

Module 6: Trip the Light Fantastic Through the Major 10 Dimensions

You’ll meet beneficial beings, marvel at universal mysteries, and learn to move mountains out of your way…

Science has spoken. We are interdimensional beings, existing in 10 dimensions simultaneously.

You’ll explore the positive and negative aspects of existing in these ten dimensions — including the plethora of causal blocks and interference, and also the access to amazing healing, manifesting energies, and insightful sources of data.

Cyndi Dale will also guide you to experience soul-journeying along the Divine Pathway — to help you obtain higher assistance, glean universal insights, unlock blocks, and motion the miraculous into your life.

Module 7: Activating Your Koshas or Sacred Sheaths for Divine Intuition

According to Hindu philosophy, our ultimate development involves embracing the self according to our innate five koshas, or sheaths.

These sheaths are interdependent and mirror the psychology of our chakras while adding up to our greater self.

You’ll meet and transform the latent self in these sheaths — physical body and attunement to health; life-energy upswing through achieving your true rhythm; mind, emotions, nervous system, and the enlightened psychology of the body; wisdom, insight, and embracing the power of intention and prayer; and bliss and opening to the miracles of present time.

Cyndi Dale will invite you to experience a very unique and special outcome of moving through these sheaths, through the Divine Pathway. Cyndi Dale calls it “numinosity,” and it’s the final evolution of your intuitive and spiritual gifts.

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