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Ra Uru Hu – Human Design – The 64 Material Ways Audiobook

Ra Uru Hu – Human Design – The 64 Material Ways Audiobook

Human Design gives us each an approach to financial stability that is natural to our unique selves. It can make all the difference when we address decisions about money through the money keys within our Design, and the guidance of our open Centers.

Just as decision-making is easy when living in alignment with our inner Authority, finding the right financial path becomes much easier when our focus and decisions are aligned with our Design. How can we easily and effectively seek out the opportunities based on our Type and Signature? How are you specifically designed to make money?

This information is available through The 64 Material Ways, a comprehensive 8-hour audio journey with Ra Uru Hu (+ illustrated ebook transcript) into how we are designed to fulfill our financial needs in ways that are right for each of us. View the lessons tab for an overview of the topics.

What You’ll Learn In Human Design – The 64 Material Ways Audiobook

Profit Centers

Discover how your Profit Centers are your guide for making money. What are the Profit Centers, and how are they represented in your chart? Are there certain Centers more influential than others when looking for keys to material success? Join Ra in exploring the effect these Centers have on your financial success.

Open Centers and Gates

Open Centers and Gates function as receptors; understanding them is key to recognizing possibilities for your material success. Take a journey with Ra through each Center and Gate to learn how these receptors function in your chart — and how they can guide you in making effective financial decisions.

The Influence of the 3rd Line

What significance does the 3rd Line have on material success? Join Ra as he explores the importance of the 3rd Line of each Gate and explains how mutation plays a key role in strategy.

The Ups and Downs of Making Money

Those frustrating cycles of financial success/no success — how can we make those cycles less dramatic, or at least understand and predict them? Learn to decipher nuances in your chart that influence financial ups and downs in your life.

“Selling” through Centers

Why do certain money-making approaches work for some and not for others — and which approaches are right for you? What is the specific role of an open Center in the world of money-making? Learn about the commercial aspects of each Center and Gate — and how to generate income based on your particular Design.

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