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Oliver Nino – The Authentic Energy Program

Oliver Nino – The Authentic Energy Program

Oliver Nino – The Authentic Energy Program

“How to Unlock Your Natural Healing Abilities, Activate Your Intuition and Become Your Own Healer…”

And Discover How to Remove Deeply-Rooted Energetic Blocks That Are Secretly Stopping You From Experiencing More Abundance, Happiness, Peace, and Success in Your Life

Introducing “The Authentic Energy Program”

I’ll Show You Exactly How to Use the Healing Power of Sacred Geometry to Change Your Life…

  • Discover your unique spiritual gifts, how to activate them, and how to use them to heal yourself and others.
  • ​How to Turn On Your Intuition Using a Simple Technique Called Scanning​ – Everyone has the ability to TUNE in to their own intuition. It’s easy once you know how.
  • ​How to FEEL Energy​ – Everyone can feel energy. Once you do, then you’ll have more awareness and understanding of the ‘INVISIBLE’ thing that’s controlling everything.
  • ​How to Use Sacred Light and Colors to Cleanse, Energize, and Heal ​– Very few people know the power of this specific technique. Once you learn it, you can go from drained and feeling down to energized and and happy in as little as 1 minute.
  • ​How to Use Sacred Breathing to Access Higher Levels of Consciousness​ – Did you know there’s a specific way for you to access higher levels of healing with just breathing? I’ll show you the specific formula for doing it.
  • ​How to Cut Energetic Cords and Clear Yourself​ – Did you know that people have the ability to affect you? You are an energetic being, and people can attach chords to your energetic body, without meaning to. When that happens, you feel exactly how they feel… Their fears become yours… I’ll show you how to get rid of these chords, so others can’t affect you.
  • 3 Powerful Types of Sacred Geometry You Should Use in All Your Healings​ – There are dozens of Sacred Geometry symbols I personally use. During this workshop, we’ll focus on the 3 Basic, but extremely powerful ones you’ll need. It’s the foundation of everything I do.
  • ​How to Look For Negative Energy Within Chakras​ – Your chakras affect you, and your daily quality of life more than you realize. I’ll show you how to discover which of your chakras are carrying negative energy, and what to do about it.
  • ​Guide to Spiritual Sanitation​ – You’ll discover exactly what you should be doing before and after ALL healing sessions to make sure you are protected from all negative energies that are released during the healing.
  • ​3 Proven Steps to Removing Negative Energy​ – When negative energy is stuck in your body, it must be removed. I’ll share with my 3-step technique that’s guaranteed to remove negative energy, no matter how old it is!
  • How to Create a Vortex, and Other Shields to Protect Yourself ​– Did you know you can protect yourself from negative energies from other people? It’s easy when you know how to create a vortex and shield to do it.
  • ​How to Balance Your Chakras ​– Sometimes, you struggle during your day because some of your chakras might not be balanced. It can sometimes cause headaches, nausea, feeling of disconnection or overwhelm when they are either too big or too small… You’ll learn exactly how to re-energize, and balance your chakras so you are operating perfectly throughout your day.
  • ​How to Clear Your Aura and Energetic Field​ – Your energetic field can be anywhere from a few feet in front of you all the way to 15-20 feet around you. Throughout your day, you can pick up and absorb negative energies from people and places you visit. You’re going to learn how to clear all of that energy from your aura and energetic field.
  • ​And much more…

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