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Ari Whitten – The Energy blueprint

Ari Whitten – The Energy blueprint

Ari Whitten – The Energy blueprint

Wish you had more energy?

I know I have plenty of times. Ever since High School I’ve dealt with fatigue on and off. It’s one of the primary reasons I got into health and fitness.

The good news is several months ago I discovered the work of Ari Whitten and his Energy Blueprint video course, and he’s helped me discover reasons why I (and many others) suffer from low energy even if we eat right, exercise, and get enough sleep.

Ari has done more research on the topic of energy than anyone else I know, and I’ve spent over a decade making sure to know who’s who in the health and wellness field.

If you haven’t already checked out his free video series on how to double your energy, then check it out here.

After seeing the series, you’ll hear about his course The Energy Blueprint. This video will walk you through the course and why I recommend it so highly.What Will You Discover?

First of all, the Energy Blueprint goes way beyond typical recommendations like eat more vegetables, get exercise, manage stress, and get enough sleep. It provides cutting-edge strategies and research on the latest discoveries on optimal energy.

What You’ll Learn In The Energy blueprint

  • How to improve mitochondrial function
  • How to fix circadian rhythm problems
  • How to make sense of conflicting dietary advice and see what kind of nutrition is truly best for your ideal health
  • Managing emotional traumas robbing you of energy
  • A 60 second technique to virtually eliminate neurological stress and restore peace of mind
  • The role time of day plays in exercise, eating, and other practices
  • Highly advanced strategies for getting your body to produce more energy every single day
  • Science and studies backing up each recommendation with condensed PDF guides for quick implementation.
  • And way more than I can possibly share here

Is It Worth It?

You’ll potentially save thousands of dollars by avoiding loss of productivity due to fatigue and sickness. It will also save you thousands of hours of research of having to figure it all out yourself.

Having gone through the course, I can say there’s so much here it’s easily worth it. You have to ask yourself, how much is feeling amazing, bursting with energy, and knowing you’re at your best each day worth to you? How valuable is peak performance worth to you? How much is it worth to not feel tired and fatigued all the time and actually have tangible solutions you may not have ever discovered otherwise?


I’m offering a couple bonuses for those that pick up The Energy Blueprint through my affiliate link. You’ll get a free copy of my bestselling book The Healthy Habit Revolution and a free 30 minute coaching session with me on how to implement the strategies in The Energy Blueprint. I have a certification in NLP and can help you create routines that stick for good.

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