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Thomas Kurz – Flexibility Express

Thomas Kurz – Flexibility Express

Thomas Kurz – Flexibility Express

Flexibility and Functional Strength in No Time

Get the flexibility you need—quickly and painlessly—with Flexibility Express!

Spend only 15-30 minutes twice a week on our Flexibility Express exercises, which simultaneously increase strength and flexibility, and in just a few weeks you’ll perform splits, back bridges, and high kicks with ease.

  • Achieve great flexibility and functional strength at the same time! At any age!
  • Do back bridges, high kicks and splits with no warm-up—fast and easy!
  • Stop wasting your time on the usual stretches that give minimal flexibility that doesn’t last!

All exercises are demonstrated by a senior citizen, a 55-year-old man—if he can do it, you can do it!

This easy-to-follow DVD offers a proven method of increasing your range of motion while increasing your strength—whatever your age or flexibility level.

With Flexibility Express DVD you will be an expert on strength and flexibility training. This is what every instructor of sports or martial arts ought to know!

You will learn…

  • how to arrange your strength exercises and stretches for the quickest results (so you can achieve splits and back bridges quickly and painlessly)
  • how to have your full flexibility—your back bridges, high kicks and splits, normally available only after a warm-up—without any warm-up
  • how to recognize and correct small errors that hold you back or even cause injuries
  • how to test your flexibility potential (to see if you can achieve front splits, side splits or Chinese splits, and back bridges even before you start the training)

You will learn innovative functional exercise progressions from weighted squats to splits and back bridges. Each exercise will build your muscles while increasing your flexibility, saving both your time and energy. The saved time and energy then can be used for more and better practice of your skills….

Attention: No stretching equipment or stretching machines are needed, but strength exercises require weights (barbells, dumbbells, or kettlebells).

What You’ll Learn In Flexibility Express

Test Your Flexibility Potential

  • Front Split Test
  • Side Split Test
  • Back Bridge Test: Thoracic Mobility
  • Back Bridge Test: Hip Flexors Length

Introduction to Flexibility Express

  • Save Time
  • Flexibility: Children vs. Adults
  • Flexibility and Weightlifting

Static Flexibility: Squats to Splits

  • Static Flexibility Definition
  • Warm-Up
  • Wall Squat
  • Wide Squat
  • Isometric Stretch
  • Overhead Press in Wide Squat
  • This Way of Stretching vs. Other Ways
  • Demonstration of Joint Stability
  • Adductor Flys
  • Strengthening Lower Back

Static Flexibility: Squats to Back Bridges

  • Overhead Squat and Back Bridges
  • Wall Squat
  • Wall Overhead Squat with a Ball
  • Standing Forward Bend
  • Hindu Push-up
  • Wall Walking to Back Bridges
  • Chest Stretch on Swiss Ball
  • Back Bridge Twist
  • Mobilization of Thoracic Spine

Dynamic Flexibility: Dynamic Stretches

  • Dynamic Flexibility Definition
  • Examples of Dynamic Stretches for Arms
  • Examples of Dynamic Stretches for Legs
  • Examples of Dynamic Stretches for Trunk
  • Dynamic Stretches: How many Repetitions and How Often

Closing Remarks

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