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Michael Winn – Sexual Vitality Qigong

Michael Winn – Sexual Vitality Qigong

Taoist Sexual Secrets for Health & Bliss

with Michael Winn & Joyce Gayheart Secrets of transforming sexual energy into radiant health. Specific sexual cultivation practices for men & women. No partner needed – solo & dual cultivation practice.

  • Enjoy whole-body, continuous Spiritual Orgasm
  • How to regenerate & recycle sex energy
  • Prevent and heal sexual dysfunction, PMS, etc.
  • Heal the deep split between men and women
  • Sexual Vitality Qigong DVD (also helps weight loss)

What You’ll Learn In Sexual Vitality Qigong

Top 3 Sexual Energy Building Qigong forms

  • Left & Right Kidney Pumping, a.k.a. Deep Earth Pulsing.
  • Cosmic Swimming Dragon (spiral pink sexual chi around sun, moon, stars)
  • Sexual Marriage of Heaven & Earth (Audio integrates Empty Force Breathing, not taught on video)

Fire & Water Qigong Ceremony (Facing South for Heart & North for Kidney Harmony)

Lying Sexual Qigong forms

  • Pelvic rocking and circling sacrum.
  • Psoas release
  • Belly and groin massage (with laughing practice also)
  • Inhale outer universe into dantian; exhale inner body universe to mingmen

Sitting & Kneeling Sexual Qigong

  • Rubbing kidneys according to Taoist numerology
  • Rubbing ears to stimulate kidneys.
  • Stroke inside leg/kidney meridians; slap kidney-1 point.
  • Hands over ears, with kidney rotations
  • Knee walking
  • Kneel with pelvic lifting & pumping.

Standing Sexual Qigong to Circulate Kidney Chi

  • Walking Knee lifts.
  • Knee slapping on Bladder-40 pt.
  • Arm and leg swings to open psoas
  • Grab ankles, breathe into kidney meridian
  • Breathe testicle/ovary pink chi to heart, eyes.

Standing Lung – Kidney Sexual Qigong

  • Arms/palms open lungs; close fists over mingmen, kidney sound.
  • Short arm swings, movement originates from pelvis.
  • Large arm scoops: activates lung meridian to expand kidney chi.
  • Fast out-of-sync circles with palms scooping chi into kidneys.
  • Waist circling with hands on kidneys.
  • Belt channel circling, palms gather chi around waist.

Sexual Qigong to Concentrate Kidney Chi in Dantian

  • Slow moving Chi Ball front-back, left-right, up-down.

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