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Deva Presence – Orgasmic Touch Course

Deva Presence – Orgasmic Touch Course

Deva Presence – Orgasmic Touch Course

Make Love & Deep Intimacy through Orgasmic Touch.

How to do erotic massage or tantra massage? We go beyond the lingam (penis) or yoni (vagina) teaching good Sex Education. We will show you how to be a great lover. Less porn more real connections. Healthy relationship advice too.

Why are we expected to know everything about sex?

We put pressure on our self or feel it from our partner. We did not learn positive sexual education in school. Mostly, we learn from what we see in porn and may get addicted to the wrong idea about our sexuality. And we wonder why intimacy is plagued with insecurities and disappointment. Well, worry no longer. You have right here an easy to follow and exceptionally juicy guide to bring back the excitement in your love life!

What You’ll Learn In Orgasmic Touch Course


I want you to get this from jump! “Watching” the course is not doing the course! You must put this into practice in order to experience mind blowing results. So I advice NOT blowing the course by watching everything you possibly can doing a marathon in a few hours. This may overwhelm and confuse you, creating opposite results. The idea is to go through each video and really take the time to digest the content. Test it out, don’t take my word for it. Put time aside to actually explore with yourself or your lover and EXPERIENCE what is being taught in the videos. ENJOY!

Orgasmic Touch

Now that you have completed the foundational information. You are ready to dive into the massage training.

Bonus “Breast Love” Course!

This section is all about Breast Massage! We will share:

    • Give breast massage for pleasure
    • Create sensitivity
    • Expand pleasurable zones
    • Self-pleasure practice & working with a partner
    • Open meridians channels
    • Work out tension
    • Lymphatic drainage
    • Work out lumps/cysts
    • How to do a breast self-exam
    • Recipes for stretch mark reduction
    • Natural breast care with nature
    • Increased nipple perkiness and arousal/size
    • Full / Perkier breast massage method
    • Special herbal formulas/creams for enhancement
    • 2 Most Important Exercises
    • How to Increase / Decrease Breast Size Naturally

Meet Deva Presence

After nearly a decade of study and practice, I have finally unraveled the secrets to being a powerful lover. The solutions are wild and unknown to most, yet tangible and effective.

Learning from Grand Master Mantak Chia, becoming the principle in the Master Lover Online training by Ma Ananda Sarita and diving deep into Tao and conscious sensuality training’s over the years has helped me map out pleasure principles for you to apply and make changes in your life for good.

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