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Harinder Singh Sabharwal – Jeet Kune Do for MMA

Harinder Singh Sabharwal – Jeet Kune Do for MMA

Harinder Singh Sabharwal – Jeet Kune Do for MMA

Sifu Harinder Singh Sabharwal presents Jeet Kune Do for MMA as the most complete stand-up fighting system for Mixed Martial Arts. You will learn Bruce Lee’s secrets and take your MMA game and self defense strategies to the next level.

Learn the fundamentals and how to master your long range weapons like Footwork, Punching and Kicking. Discover how to trigger the kinetic chain and generate speed, power, precision, and placement.

Once you have mastered your tools you will need to learn to train and apply them according to strategy. The strategy is the game plan, in a fight there is no time to think, you need to know what to do and when to do it.  You have to be like water and adapt to opponents of varying size, strength, speed, or style.

You will learn how to read your opponent and intercept their movements and actions.  You will learn how to destroy all incoming kicks and punches from every style and system by utilizing the secret of De-Fanging the Snake.  Our strategies also include mastery of timing. You will learn how to set and break rhythms by varying the cadence of your blows and hitting on the ½ beats.

The Missing Link in MMA is the Trapping Range. MMA consists of Boxing, Kicking, Clinching, and Ground Fighting. Get the edge over your opponents and be the first one to master the Trapping/Wing Chun range.  When your opponents hands are trapped they have no base and balance in that moment in time. This will allow you to impose your game.

A master Strategist that can break the rhythm, intercept the opponent, adapt like water, and trap the hands is fighting at a much higher level. Get the edge over the competition. Traditional Arts like Karate, Tae-Kwon Do, and Kung-Fu can utilize this program as a bridge to adapt their arts to the modern MMA Game.

What You’ll Learn In Jeet Kune Do for MMA

Advanced Footwork

Footwork is king. Having good footwork gives you the ability to control the fighting measure, distance, and timing. Footwork allows you to intercept your opponent and to use your artillery with maximum speed and power.  Without footwork you can never hit your opponent, and your opponent can hit you.  Without footwork there is no body mechanics in your punches and kicks. You will learn advanced concepts and principles of ½ beat footwork so you can offensively break the rhythm and setup your opponents for attacks.

Hand Tools

Develop lethal hands. Learn how to fence with the lead hand and develop an illusive lead that is ready for jabbing, backfisting, pot shotting, and intercepting your opponent. Learn the proper body mechanics and form for boxing punches like the jab, cross, hook, uppercut, and overhand. Learn how to throw them with the correct power, precision, placement, and psychology. Learn basic boxing based defense by using evasive footwork and head movements.

Foot Tools

Develop lethal feet. Learn most effective kicking tools from Savate, Muay Thai, Pananjakman(Filipino), and Karate. This is a comprehensive volume that covers speed, technical precision, and power generation.  Discover how to use kicks in the long range to harass and intercept your opponent, how to utilize kicks to counter the punching range. Learn “Shadow” kicks are the ones that are never seen when combined with punching and trapping. Finally, learn how to chase and finish the fight with devastating kicks.

JKD Attack Strategy Part 1

Master the 5 Ranges of Combat and the 4 Phases of the Fight. Gain the advantage with concepts such as Preliminary Analysis, Engagement and Entering, Primary Attack strategy means to attack first which sets the rhythm of the contest. Learn the purpose of combinations and how to use Cadence, Tempo, and Rhythm in combinations. Learn how to organize your attacks, so that you can execute them in combat using The 5 Ways of Attack as well as how to combine offensive footwork with your attacking combinations.

JKD Attack Strategy Part 2

Continue to develop the 5 Ways of Attack, how to break the rhythm, how to attack your opponent by exposing, forcing, and feinting. SDA(Single Direct Attack), ABC(Attack by Combination), PIA(Progressive Indirect Attack), HIA(Hand Immobilization Attack), and ABD(Attack by Draw). Master deception and learn how to use Broken Rhythm, Faking and Feinting to setup and finish your opponent.  You will also learn how to safely bridge the gap and apply trapping, boxing, wrestling, or Brazilian jiu-jitsu..

Trapping and Blasting 1

Trapping and Blasting is the core of the Jeet Kune Do for MMA system. The ability to use trapping or Hand Immobilization Attack (HIA) to transition from striking distances to clinch and grappling distances is a tremendous advantage. Learn the Pac Sao or Slapping Hand from Wing Chun to setup many other lines of attack.

Trapping and Blasting 2

This volume goes into detail on closing distance, following up with striking and grappling, entering against the mismatched lead, the JKD Straight Blast and the Hand Immobilization Attack. Just as we have seen MMA evolve from brawlers against BJJ, then wrestlers dominating with takedowns and ground and pound and recently super technical strikers who have a top notch ground game now dominating, JKD Trapping is the next logical evolution.  In fact we see the emergence of Jeet Kune Do for MMA with many of the top champions already.

JKD Secondary Attack Strategy

This volume explores The Art of Intercepting including: The 3 Times to Strike an Opponent, Interceptions & Stop Hits, the Jeet Sao (Intercepting Hand) and De-fanging the Snake Destructions. Learn how to cause pain during the opponents attack and how to intercept all of the opponents striking weapons with your own as well as attacking after the opponent has launched his attack. This is the real science of fighting for  advanced MMA artists.

Focus Mitt Training

Focus mitts provide an extremely important training methodology because it emphasizes both accuracy and timing for striking as well as the opportunity to practice trapping and move into the clinch and grappling range.

Partner Drills

Partner drills develop timing, fitness and reflexes for both partners. This is where Jeet Kune Do for MMA comes together and gets refined. Once you have studied and built the fundamentals, these drills will solidify your knowledge and make you unstoppable!

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