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David Crow – Medicinal Plants for Protecting Body, Mind & Spirit

David Crow – Medicinal Plants for Protecting Body, Mind & Spirit

Avoid adrenal exhaustion and emotional burnout — and protect you and your family from EMFs and other environmental toxins.

Discover the right herbs and dosages to help heal and harmonize your mind-body guided by a world-renowned botanical medicine expert.

What You’ll Discover in Medicinal Plants for Protecting Body, Mind & Spirit

In this 12-part transformational program, David will guide you through the fundamental skills and competencies needed for understanding this specific approach to using medicinal plants for protection.

Medicinal plants for Protecting Body, Mind & Spirit training session will build harmoniously upon the previous one so you’ll receive a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles for developing an integrated approach to using herbs, essential oils, diet, nutraceuticals and meditations to address the protection of specific body systems. You’ll be provided with a large bibliography of resources, with focus on practical and specific protocols for addressing specific conditions.

Module 1: Protection for the Respiratory System

Using Herbs & Aromatic Preparations for Respiratory Immunological Support, Antimicrobial Resistance & Environmental Protection

As atmospheric climate changes accelerate and air pollution increases, medicinal plants offer great protection against a wide range of microbial pathogens, respiratory allergens and environmental toxins. The pharmacopeia of botanical protectors is large; it contains many species of plants, numerous ways of preparing them, and countless formulas and easy-to-use products.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Low cost common herbs for a highly effective kitchen apothecary
  • Important tinctures to have in the family medicine cabinet for preventing and treating colds and flus
  • Medicinal mushroom preparations for boosting immunity
  • Aromatherapy protection from indoor and outdoor air pollution
  • How to combine herbal and aromatic preparations to protect the lungs from congestion, dryness and inflammation
  • Herbs and essential oils to help stop smoking
  • Herbal and aromatic preparations for protecting against pollen and chemical allergens
  • Ayurvedic preparations for protecting the sinuses and reducing environmental sensitivities

Module 2: Protection for the Digestive System

Herbal & Nutritional Therapies for Protecting the Digestive System Against Stress, Inflammation, Medications & Pathogens

Your digestive system is a sensitive and complex environment, easily disturbed by poor quality food, stress, medications and microbial pathogens. Medicinal plants have been used throughout history for their abilities to strengthen digestive functions, fight infections, reduce inflammation, and enhance and balance assimilation and elimination. These botanical powers are increasingly important and necessary, and can be easily brought into every home in the form of simple herbal preparations.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Dietary principles for protecting and healing the digestive system
  • Herbal products and preparations for recovery from antibiotic use
  • Combining bitter and aromatic herbs for improving assimilation and elimination
  • Aromatic preparations for abdominal applications
  • Herbs, foods and spiritual practices that protect the digestive system from stress
  • How to enhance digestive immunity against pathogens and food sensitivities
  • How to regulate digestive secretions and peristalsis to protect against inflammation and acidity
  • Herbal protocols for treating bacterial infections and intestinal parasites

Module 3: Protection for the Liver

Integrated Herbal & Nutraceutical Approaches for Protecting the Liver From Environmental & Metabolic Toxicity

As environmental degradation and pollution increase, the burden of toxicity affecting the human body will worsen. As the primary organ of detoxification, the liver is increasingly under stress; it is responsible for removing a wide range of xenobiotic substances that can find their way into the body from the environment, as well as coping with endogenous toxins created by physiological stress. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, which are generally hepatotoxic, medicinal plants have great powers to support the liver’s detoxification processes, and are, therefore, increasingly important for protecting our health.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to create a hepatoprotective home pharmacy and kitchen apothecary
  • An understanding of the liver detoxification processes
  • Dietary and nutraceutical support for liver detoxification mechanisms
  • Herbs that protect the liver from environmental, hormonal, pharmaceutical and metabolic toxins
  • Herbal protocols for supporting liver health during recovery from addiction or long-term use of medications

Module 4: Protection for the Brain & Nerves

Integrated Herbal, Aromatic & Nutraceutical Protocols for Protecting the Brain & Nervous System Against Inflammation, Environmental Toxins & Cognitive Decline

Scientific research is now confirming what many have long suspected: the brain is far more sensitive and vulnerable to environmental toxins than previously acknowledged. Whether it is air pollution, pesticides in foods, nutritional deficiencies, medications that deplete neurotransmitters or numerous other factors, the health of the brain is under increasing stress.

The neuroprotective powers of medicinal plants have both a long history of empirical evidence as well as modern scientific validation confirming their effectiveness. Safe, easy-to-use and easily accessible, these herbs are now easy to bring together into a home pharmacy that is increasingly important for everyone for long-term prevention as well as treatment of neurodegenerative conditions.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Creating a neuroprotective home pharmacy and kitchen apothecary
  • Important Ayurvedic, Chinese and Western herbs for strengthening the brain and nervous system
  • Nutraceutical and dietary support for brain health
  • Traditional Ayurvedic nasal medication for nourishing the central nervous system
  • Herbal and aromatic head massage oils for alertness and concentration
  • Aromatic plants and essential oils known to enhance memory and concentration
  • Unique herbs and aromatic preparations for different types of neuralgias

Module 5: Protection for the Heart

Integrated Herbal & Nutraceutical Approaches for Cardiovascular Health

Modern lifestyles and diet are taking a heavy toll on the heart and cardiovascular system. Traditional herbal knowledge and modern research confirm that many medicinal plants offer different kinds of protection, including nutritional support, anti-inflammatory functions, cholesterol and blood pressure regulating and others — without the risk of serious adverse reactions caused by long-term use of pharmaceutical medications.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to create a cardioprotective home pharmacy and kitchen apothecary
  • How to work with your doctor to develop a holistic complementary medicine program
  • Using herbs and food with spiritual practices to lower cardiovascular stress
  • Herbs and nutraceuticals to protect the heart and circulatory system against inflammation
  • Aromatic preparations and herbal hydrotherapies for supporting blood vessels and circulation

Module 6: Protection for the Muscles, Bones & Joints

Integrated Herbal, Nutraceutical & Aromatic Treatments for the Musculoskeletal System

As we age, we face degeneration and weakening of our bones, muscles and joints, leading to numerous medical disorders and the burden of physical pain. Medicinal plants have always been used for treating these conditions, with numerous species prepared in innumerable ways offering us protection from the unwanted consequences of growing older. These plants give more than symptomatic relief, and are often able to address the underlying causes of degeneration by reducing inflammation, healing tissue damage and protecting us from bone loss.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to create a musculoskeletal herbal pharmacy and kitchen apothecary
  • Herbal, dietary and nutraceutical protocols for bone health
  • Unique Chinese herbal dietetic recipes for strengthening the musculoskeletal system
  • Herbs, medicated oils and aromatic preparations for protecting and rejuvenating discs and joints
  • Medicated salves, herbal oils and aromatic preparations for protecting, strengthening and healing muscles, tendons and ligaments

Module 7: Protection Against Inflammation

Using Herbs, Nutraceuticals & Aromatic Preparations to Fight Inflammation & Its Damaging Effects

Inflammation is a cause and a result of a large number of metabolic and degenerative diseases, and a primary symptom of infections. Pharmaceutical medications can provide symptomatic relief, but often worsen the condition and slow the healing process.

An extensive pharmacy of botanical anti-inflammatory agents is well-known in traditional medical systems, and large number of scientific studies now confirm the powers of these plants as well as reveal many new beneficial species. From relief of symptoms to long-term protection from the damaging effects of inflammation, herbal medicine offers everyone highly effective protection.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to create an anti-inflammatory home pharmacy and kitchen apothecary
  • Herbal therapeutic categories for treating different types of inflammation
  • Aromatic preparations for anti-inflammatory treatments
  • An update on research into popular anti-inflammatories such as curcumin, and an introduction to lesser known anti-inflammatory species
  • Dietary approaches, nutraceuticals and enzymes for controlling inflammation

Module 8: Protection for the Endocrine System

Integrated Herbal, Aromatic & Nutraceutical Approaches for Protecting the Endocrine System From Xenobiotic Compounds & Metabolic Imbalances

Classical medical systems such as Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine did not have terms such as “estrogen mimicking” and “endocrine disruptors.” These are modern health challenges created by the widespread contamination of the environment with agricultural toxins, plastics and other compounds.

Combining the classical understanding of treating macro-imbalances along with the emerging understanding of the role that medicinal plants and nutrition can play in supporting endocrine health, many approaches are now emerging that can help us protect, strengthen and balance our sensitive glandular systems.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • An understanding of xenobiotics, their effects on the endocrine system, where they bioaccumulate and how herbal medicine can support their elimination
  • Dietary, herbal and nutraceutical protocols for endocrine protection and support
  • Herbal protocols for harmonizing, balancing and strengthening the major endocrine glands
  • Supporting the liver, digestion, nervous system and bacterial flora for endocrine health

Module 9: Protection Against Stress, Burnout & Adrenal Exhaustion Integrated Herbal, Aromatic & Nutraceutical Protocols for Protecting the Body, Mind & Emotions From External & Internal Stress

Many aspects of stress and burnout can be prevented with lifestyle changes, good nutrition, time management and other methods, but oftentimes they’re unavoidable due to life circumstances. Medicinal plants offer strong protection for the body and mind in stressful times through a wide range of physiological actions including nutritive support, relaxation of the nervous system, harmonizing of the endocrine system and rejuvenation of adrenal functions. Many of the herbs in this pharmacopeia can be used not only to recover from over-stimulated exhaustion, but can also be taken over an extended time to build greater resistance to stress.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Reliable herbs and herbal preparations for calming stress
  • Nutritive, adaptogenic and trophorestorative herbs to protect and nourish the nervous system and adrenal glands
  • Aromatherapy baths, body oils and atmospheric uses of essential oils for calming stress and increasing relaxation
  • Balancing energizing herbs with relaxing herbs
  • Using herbs in the diet for calming and grounding
  • Using herbs with meditation practices for retraining a stressed nervous system

Module 10: Protection Against Radiation & Electromagnetic Pollution Using Herbs, Essential Oils & Nutraceuticals for Protection From Environmental or Medical Radiation & Strengthening the Body Against EMFs

Every person in the world now carries radionuclides from the atomic fallout of nuclear weapons and catastrophic accidents at nuclear power plants. Emerging research, along with decades of information gathered using medicinal plants in people with radiation sickness, show that many botanical species can offer protection against ionizing radiation, whether through environmental or medical exposure.

Following the principles of regenerating core vitality and strengthening life force found in classical Asian medical systems, we can use medicinal plants to help build resistance to the subtle yet profound energetic disturbances caused by the widespread electromagnetic pollution that now surrounds us.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to create a radioprotective home pharmacy and kitchen apothecary
  • Herbs confirmed by modern research as having radioprotective effects, and their mechanisms of action
  • Herbal antioxidants and natural chelation agents
  • Herbs for strengthening resistance to EMFs and energetic toxins

Module 11: Protection Against Dental Decay, Infection & Inflammation Integrated Herbal, Aromatic & Nutraceutical Approaches to Preventive & Curative Dental Treatments

Although modern dentistry has much to offer for acute and chronic dental problems, many systemic illnesses, including autoimmune inflammation, are now being linked to metallic and chemical toxins commonly used in dental procedures.

Additionally, poor dental health can cause serious problems throughout the body; and likewise, many diseases and medications affect dental health.

Medicinal plants and their preparations have been used for millennia to prevent and treat tooth decay, gingivitis and other common dental conditions. Herbal treatments offer significant protection against dental problems, but even more importantly, can often prevent the need for toxic implanted materials with long-term adverse health consequences.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Herbal and aromatic mouthwashes and powders for tooth and gum health
  • Traditional uses of resins, roots and other botanical remedies oral and dental health
  • Probiotics, nutraceuticals and digestive herbs for dental support
  • An overview of innovations in biological and non-toxic dentistry, including laser, ozone and others
  • How to work with your dentist to create a holistic program of complementary medicine
  • Herbal chelation and detoxification strategies for removing dental mercury and other compounds

Module 12: Protection for the Mind & Emotions

Using Herbs, Aromatic Preparations & Meditation Practices for Spiritual Protection
Medicinal plants have been used since time immemorial for spiritual protection. Whether it is uplifting the mind, giving courage to the heart, calming anxiety or giving magical blessings of removing obstacles and attracting good fortune, numerous botanical species have been utilized for both ritual and medical uses. Without being superstitious, we can learn by experience that plants have protective qualities that work on many levels, including the subtle aspects of the mind and spirit.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Plant preparations for protecting the heart and spirit during times of social and political unrest
  • Using herbs, aromatic preparations and meditation practices for healing trauma, shock, loss and grief
  • Herbal and aromatic preparations for boosting protective psychic energy
  • Medicinal plants that help cultivate spiritual qualities
  • Using herbs and aromatic preparations with meditation practices to protect the mind from agitation and distractions
  • Botanical spiritual protection methods from indigenous traditions

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