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Caroline Myss – Sacred Contracts Online – Self Development

Caroline Myss – Sacred Contracts Online – Self Development

Caroline Myss – Sacred Contracts Online – Self Development

Previously taught only in live workshops, this program – which Caroline considers her life’s work – is now offered in an interactive, online format. Sacred Contracts Online is designed to lead participants into their Sacred Contract, teaching the skill of interpretation and analysis of archetypal symbols and their application to life events.

Learn how to maximize the gift of this life-changing teaching. “Know thyself” via a guided series of video lectures and archetypal chart exercises not available anywhere else. Working with these advanced Sacred Contracts methods will offer insights that will enable you to move out of your past and into your highest potential.

What you will gain from Sacred Contracts Online

  • Understand Your Sacred Contract
    Sacred Contracts are “soul documents,” life assignments that are encoded within your psyche and soul in the symbolic language of archetypes.
  • Know yourself through Your Archetypal Patterns
    Identifying your archetypal patterns helps you to understand the source and nature of your feelings and passions.
  • Attain authentic, healthy self esteem
    You will learn that the course of your life – your destiny – is not in the hands of others, or dependent on whether they approve of your choices, or you approve of theirs.
  • Change the quality and direction of Your Life
    Your life choices change when you begin to recognize the difference between an option and a Sacred Contract.

Here’s what’s included in Sacred Contracts Online

Sacred Contracts Online Curriculum

The curriculum is balanced by instructor-led lessons and self-paced learning exercises:

  • Video presentations by Caroline and CMED Faculty provide comprehensive, step-by-step instruction throughout the Program.
  • Audio presentations are designed to enhance your comprehension.
  • Text material facilitates an in-depth study of program content at your own pace.

Sacred Contracts Online Class One: Identifying Your Sacred Contracts

Sacred Contracts are life assignments that are coded within your archetypal patterns. You unlock these patterns through learning to:

  • Identify your own personal archetypal patterns, which form a chart of twelve. Of these, four are called the Survival Archetypes and are shared by everyone: the Child (of which there are several aspects: Magical, Divine, Nature, Wounded, Orphan, Invisible, Magical, Step-Child), Prostitute, Victim, and Saboteur. These combine to form the root challenges that give rise to the essence of self-esteem. You will choose your other eight archetypes through a process of identifying lifelong patterns of power, in both their positive and shadow aspects.
  • Once you have determined your 12 personal archetypes, you will learn how to cast an Archetypal Wheel consisting of 12 houses related to the 12 houses of an astrological chart. Using an intuitive process, you will create your Chart of Origin, somewhat similar to a natal chart in astrology, but connected to your twelve archetypes rather than the zodiac per se.
  • Finally, we will begin the fascinating and profoundly revealing process of interpreting your Chart of Origin, discovering the meaning for your life’s journey of each archetype in relation to the house into which it falls when you cast your chart. You will continue and expand this process of casting and interpreting your chart throughout the remaining seminars.

Sacred Contracts Online Class Two: The Three Wheels of Life: Chronos / Kairos / Cosmic

My book Sacred Contracts describes the process of choosing your archetypes and casting your Chart of Origin that we engage at great depth in our first seminar. But after its publication I continued to explore this process, and my understanding has expanded to include two other wheels not mentioned in the book: the Kairos and Cosmic wheels.

Taken together, these three concentrically arrayed wheels yield charts of great power and profundity, and during this seminar you will learn how to cast charts consisting of all three wheels. We will show you how to use these charts to receive guidance on a wide range of life issues, including, but not limited to, personal relationships, health, finances, career choices, and your spiritual path.

  • The Chronos Wheel, contains all the archetypes you already selected for your Chart of Origin in Class One
  • The Kairos wheel, named for a Greek term meaning “the opportune moment,” gathers the energies you feel around you at the time you are casting this chart. It’s very much of the moment, and you will choose this entirely new set of 12 archetypes (not repeating any from your Chronos chart) based on your concerns, intuitive guidance, and powers or energies that you feel you may need in dealing with the situation for which you are seeking guidance.
  • The Cosmic wheel represents your highest potential for each house. You will select these 12 archetypes from all the cards remaining in the deck after removing the 12 Chronos and 12 Kairos. Unlike those first two wheels, however, you will choose your Cosmic archetypes “blindly” from the deck with no conscious selection process. As a result, the level of intuitive guidance in this wheel is often surprising, and we sometimes refer to it as Heaven’s clue.
  • Finally, we will show you not only how to interpret this 3-wheel chart, but also how to read the three archetypes in each house to come up with a positive “action” step you can take to help resolve the issue at hand.

Sacred Contracts Online Class Three: Fate and Destiny

Now that you’ve learned how to cast and read 3-wheel charts, we’ll show you how to apply them to one especially significant chart that you can use to reshape your destiny over the coming year. This particular chart, given the theme of Fate and Destiny, opens an extraordinary portal of influence over the whole of your life. Even though its focus is on reshaping the events of the next twelve months, the reality is that by redirecting those events you redirect the path of your entire future.

There is a profound difference between the archetypal forces of Fate and Destiny: Fate is ruled by the choices of the ego, whereas your Destiny is determined by the higher influences of your soul. Having the opportunity to recognize the difference between ego and soul choices and then actually acting on those choices makes the power of a Sacred Contract more real and authentic to you than words alone can describe.

As with most profound awakenings, words cannot bring you to a place of genuine empowerment – only action motivated by illuminated choices can. That is the inherent power you feel when you recognize and then act on a genuine Sacred Contract. You will also learn how to apply your new skills to reading charts for other people, whether friends and loved ones or professional clients. A significant part of the Sacred Contracts program includes encouraging individuals to pursue the profession of Archetypal Consultant.

Now you can download Caroline Myss’s Sacred Contracts Online immediately!

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