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Orion & Kamal – Speed Seduction Trouble Shooters II

Orion & Kamal – Speed Seduction Trouble Shooters II

Orion & Kamal – Speed Seduction Trouble Shooters II

Hey Brothers! Orion and Kama! are at it again. These two horndogs don’t rest; they’re like the Energizer bunnies – they sarge on and on and fuck like rabbits.

I just recently saw an amazing compilation of unbelievable power packed material from them and I’m so excited I can barely sit down; I’m so eager to go out and massively use this incredible stuff myself. By now, you have most likely seen their magic on DVD, and have heard their tricks on the Troubleshooters CDs.

Speed Seduction Trouble Shooters II is a paradigm shift and the next evolutionary step! Prepare to be amazed, for those who are wondering what is new in it, EVERYTHING! All new material, and for those who have come to expect only the highest quality from Orion and Kamal, be prepared to be knocked off your feet! This set is absolute dynamite.

What You’ll Learn In Speed Seduction Trouble Shooters II

  • Where these guys go to practice
  • Hot new patterns they have just developed
  • How they have been applying these powerful persuasion skills in other areas of their lives
  • Yours truly can tap the line on one of the greatest meeting-of-minds of Ross’s students ever

This is an unprecedented opportunity to hear a round table conference call of evil geniuses at work developing some incredibly devious and powerful material. This stuff is bleeding-edge, new-millennium material that will blow your lid off!

The only way YOU CAN BENEFIT TREMENDOUSLY FROM THIS MATERIAL is to ORDER THE CDs NOW and raise your skills to new levels.

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