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Michael Breen – Using NLP On Yourself

Michael Breen – Using NLP On Yourself

Discover The LIFE Tested Proven Way To Master Your Emotions… Eliminate Doubts And Unwanted Thoughts… Transform Disempowering Feelings And Behaviors… And Finally Install The CORE Beliefs and Life Enhancing Practices That Are Used By Experts Of NLP… So You Can Create More of The Life You Want

Using NLP on Yourself To Create More Of The Life You Want is divided into two training modules:

The first is a 90 minute multi-part video training program in which you will learn specific inner mind set strategies and essential NLP tools for creating more of the life you want. You don’t need to learn a ton of NLP to see dramatic results, use and apply what you learn here and you will have the core patterns on board from which you can start doing and experiencing new levels of happiness, productivity, control, and joy in your life.

In the video trainings, presented by Master Trainer Michael Breen and I, you will learn:

  • What using Neuro-linguistic programming to create more of the life you want is all about
  • What are the key mental shifts you need to make if you want to being able to use NLP for yourself to create more of the life you want
  • Why using NLP is not all about “changing pictures” and why you will want to start from the soma to create great results
  • Learn how to identify where and when in your life that you are holding excess tension and how to release it quickly
  • Discover this powerful energetic rule that when you use it makes you watch able and magnetic and can transforms your relationships with your family, friends and clients and your overall sense of well-being.
  • Learn what anchors are and how to setup and use self-anchors to evoke states you want when you want it
  • Learn five ways to quieten your internal voice. Many people suffer from “negative” internal voice. When you apply what we teach you here you will no longer be at the mercy of poor internal dialogue and will be much more control of inner dialogue.
  • Learn a powerful method to wire up new emotional responses so you are at choice about what kind of emotions you will feel in specific contexts. All of us at some point or other have been “pre-wired” up to have certain unhelpful emotional responses when specific things happen in our life. In fact this process is happening all the time, yet most people are not aware of how to “change bad wiring” and setup the kind of emotional responses that would greatly help their life.
  • In NLP we say everything starts and ends with state. The states you experience on a moment by moment basis influence what you feel, do and ultimately colour how what you do with your life. Mastery of your state is mission critical if you intend to create the kind of life you desire. Inside the video portion of this training you will learn two of the most powerful ways to transform your state. When you become highly skilled at these you will be able to quickly “get off” negative states and jump feet first into powerful positive states – at will. (These two work like magic and are ones I consistently use to get and keep myself resourceful).
  • Discover a cool heuristic that will allow you to know what technique to use when you are seeking to make a change in your life. Think of this as a mental shortcut to filtering from a two hundred plus techniques down to the ones that are most helpful for you.

After completing the video training portion of the course and the assignments you will enjoy a 56 page action guide. The purpose of the action guide is to provide you with a “bootstrap” action manual to ensure you master each of the core patterns and key attitude that drives NLP so you have the resources to improve your life.

There are 25 distinct sections each with their own actions.

Here is a flavor of what you will learn inside:

  • How to operationalise the key attitudes of NLP. Every trainer worth his or her salt has embodied the attitude of NLP. Richard Bandler and John Grinder embodied it now you will use these powerful filters to elevate any aspect of your life.
  • How to identify the most common errors many practitioners of NLP make when using the techniques of NLP on them self, but you wont.
  • How to use the technology of NLP to transform the three key areas of a productivity, motivation and consistent action. When you apply what is taught here you will see your productivity, drive and action go into overdrive.
  • Discover the training slogans used by masters of NLP to expedite your learning and what you can do with the technology.
  • Learn the “radical” shift in thinking that when embodied will enable you to become the master of your own thoughts and feelings. If you have ever felt that you have no choice and that certain thoughts or feelings effect you negatively this change in perspective will change that.
  • How to apply these learning “rules of thumb” that when you keep front and centre will ensure you are always on an upward path to true mastery.
  • What to do if a technique you try doesn’t work. Learn the same attitude used by every top NLPer when the find a technique doesn’t work and what to do next.

Next once you have a firm grip AND operationalised the inner game that enables you to then approach using the techniques you will receive an extensive 2:20 training on “Emotional Mastery: How To Manage Your State”.

This is a live recording from a recent teleseminar training Michael and I ran, where I act on your behalf and have Michael teach you everything you need to know to make a transformational difference in how you work with and alter your emotional states.

Tony Robbins, one of the most famous and successful NLPers once said that the only difference between him and many other NLPers he trained with at the time he first learnt NLP was that he was better at putting himself into the states that led to action… which in turn lead to the kinds of results he wanted. Successful state mastery is essential to doing the kinds of things that result in creating more of the life you want.

So inside Using NLP On Yourself you will learn:

  • What we mean when we say emotions
  • Where triggers really are (this may surprise you) that create emotions
  • What is a meta-state and why it is essential that you understand the difference between talking about something vs. experiencing something
  • Find out if you can control your emotions using a “control panel” in your mind
  • What is really going on when other people make you feel “crap/stressed/angry”
  • Understand the role of 1 time learning and a habituated loop has on creating either really positive or negative states.
  • Discover the underlying process that the NLP toolset brings to help you create emotional choice
  • Learn how to never be obliged to feel bad again!
  • How to use the “spousal defense shield” so you can avoid feeling crap and re-active to loved ones.
  • Michael will teach you how to pull the rug out” from states that you currently think you don’t have a choice to change
  • Learn the 3 master patterns for pulling the rug out of your unhelpful emotional responses
  • Learn about the rule of use it or lose it and the importance of releasing stress when trying to deal with unwanted stuff
  • Learn about how to shift your emotional “set point” up or down. Wouldn’t it be cool if through a series of small changes you can dramatically lift the positive emotional state you experience and
  • Learn some of the powerful processes Michael follows in his own life to be at choice on an ongoing basis regardless of what seems to be occurring in the world
  • Learn how to stop unwanted thoughts – several very cool and highly effective ways to eliminate unwanted thoughts
  • How we are NOT parts, but whole and why understanding this is really important to emotional mastery
  • Discover the key behavior to do when you have an unwanted thought …. that transforms its grip on you fast!
  • Discover the key practices to cultivating greater emotional variety Michael shared his top 7 recommended practices… you can’t help but experience more emotions when you do these.
  • Discover the magic to having other people feel great around you
  • Discover the essential role of intention in having other people feel great around you…
  • Learn how your own physiology within your own body influences and impacts your ability to have other people feel great around you
  • Learn 3 powerful techniques to quickly release tension from your body
  • Learn one of the fastest ways to have other people feel great around you (this works great over and over)
  • Find out how to keep positive state when you are dealing with an emotionally charged partner
  • Discover if there are any simple ‘on the move’ ways to restore a good emotional state if you lost it
  • Hear about 3 ways to pick up good states after you’ve lost it.
  • Learn the quickest way to get yourself or anyone into a relaxed alpha state (this is even faster than doing trance inductions)
  • Find out about useful tips for dealing with strong emotional state in the face of negativity and opposition
  • Discover how to use the sub-modalities of your experience to transform feelings of emotional opposition.
  • Hear Michael’s opinion on Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). His insights may surprise and intrigue you.
  • Learn about the strategy used by top international athletes to get themselves more easily into flow and maintaining focus Apply this one technique and you will have a strategy used by ultra successful athletes and business people to get and stay in the zone.
  • Coaches/Change agents: Discover the secrets to generating a powerful “action state” in your clients
  • How to deal with anger effectively so that when things don’t go your way (Michael shares a great way to transform anger)
  • Listen to what advice Michael shares to a participant who is facing a high risk of his business being untenable. Michael shares both really helpful mind set for people who are facing tough times and it is also a great example of an intervention strategy.
  • Ever wonder what impact our sub-conscious, trapped emotions have? Michael debunks the common “parasitic map” regarding trapped emotions and walks you through the process of how intense emotional experiences and their effects like posttraumatic stress disorder operate to leave a automatic response to a stimulus. Free yourself outdated conceptual maps that may be inhibiting emotional freedom
  • Finally hear Michael share with you the power of re-train your nervous system

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