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Talmadge Harper – Trifecta of Power: Self Love, Self Worth, And Self Acceptance

Talmadge Harper – Trifecta of Power: Self Love, Self Worth, And Self Acceptance

Talmadge Harper – Trifecta of Power: Self Love, Self Worth, And Self Acceptance

Description of Trifecta of Power

Listen up people! I’m going to hit you with a hard truth. YOU NEED SELF LOVE and SELF WORTH if you want prosperity in the form of money, health and love. If you don’t have self love and a sense of self worth,…drop whatever the heck you’re doing and get it RIGHT NOW.

People keep asking me why they need self love and self worth to have my MP3s truly work beyond imagination. Okay, let me ask you a question. Seriously, listen up and answer honestly. I want you to think of a person in your life whose guts you really hate. I mean someone who gets on your nerves and for whom you have no love whatsoever. Now I want you to imagine giving that person a beautiful financial gift. You are probably thinking, “No way…why the f88K would I give money to someone I have no love for?”…….EXACTLY!!!!!

This basic rule doesn’t only apply to other people. It applies to yourself. When you value and love something or someone, you allow yourself to give to that person, even if that person is yourself. You give gifts to people who you feel are worthy of them. This is why it is so important that YOU feel YOU are worthy…..Get it?

It is not your fault you ended up without self love if you don’t have it. Society is greatly messed up in how we are conditioned from birth that we must “earn” our worth. Think about it, from the earliest days you get asked a variety of questions from which people try to determine your value.

  • What do you wanna be when you grow up?
  • What school do/did you go to? What grades do/did you get?
  • Do you have a degree?
  • What do you do for a living?
  • How much do you weigh? What size are you?
  • Do you even lift, bro?
  • What kind of car you drive?
  • Who’s your girlfriend/boyfriend/partner? Are you married?
  • Where do you live?

All of this crap is designed to frame you into believing that you are born unworthy. It is all a great big mind f**K. Then you throw in science with the myth that the body is fallible and diseases are inevitable because of “genetics.” No wonder we are all walking around thinking we aren’t worth poop.

All of this nonsense is designed to make it easier for you to control. Think about it. If you felt you deserved better, would you put up with your boss’s crap? Would you put up with being unhealthy? It is all a form of massive mind control put on you from birth so that you feel value and love must be earned through external means. This makes you easier to control if you feel you have to look for self love and value outside of yourself.

This stuff really interferes with my tao of being chill. You are worthy damn it. You are a beautiful, powerful, unique expression of god, infinite intelligence, the universe…pick your vernacular preference. You are great and once you truly value and love yourself, you will be able to express that unparalleled greatness through your unique gifts.

You owe it to yourself and you owe it to your brother and sisters down here to start loving yourself and truly knowing your self worth.

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