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John Maguire – Applied Kinesiology Fundamentals Online Course

John Maguire – Applied Kinesiology Fundamentals Online Course

John Maguire – Applied Kinesiology Fundamentals Online Course

Description of Applied Kinesiology Fundamentals Online Course

Get 16 CEUs learning practical, easy to use skills from your computer or mobile device

Experience the power and effectiveness of one of the most advanced systems of holistic health care

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is the ultimate blend of structural and energetic bodywork, allowing you to find and correct the source of a person’s pain and health challenges.

Through the art and science of muscle testing, you’ll learn to “listen” to the innate wisdom of the body to discover what’s needed to create optimum health and performance. .

This approach, based on Chinese Medicine and modern advances in health care, uses a wide variety of effective techniques to eliminate pain and dysfunction and restore the body and emotions to a state of optimum health.

In Applied Kinesiology Fundamentals Online Course, you’ll learn several practical skills you can integrate into your client work to get profound and often instant results. It is also an excellent approach to create peak performance with athletes.

What You’ll Learn In Applied Kinesiology Fundamentals Online Course

  • Session 1: The History & Benefits of AK & Muscle Testing, plus How to Eliminate Stiff Necks
  • Session 2: How to do Accurate Muscle Testing to find Structural and Energetic Imbalances
  • Session 3: The Neurolymphatic Technique to Encourage Lymphatic Flow & Relieve Pain
  • Session 4: The Neurovascular Holding Points to Stimulate Blood Flow and Promote Relaxation
  • Session 5: The Acupressure Meridian System and Tracing Meridian Flows to Eliminate Pain
  • Session 6: Testing and Balancing Acupressure Points and an Acupressure Pain Relief Technique
  • Session 7: Techniques to Eliminate Muscle Memory due to Injuries, along with Cramps and Spasms
  • Session 8: Techniques to Eliminate Emotional Stress and Pain
  • Session 9: Five Element Theory from Chinese Medicine and How it Relates to Muscle Balance
  • Session 10: The Metal Element & Balancing the Lung & Large Intestine Meridian & Associated Muscles
  • Session 11: The Water Element & Balancing the Kidney & Bladder Meridian & Associated Muscles
  • Session 12: The Wood Element & Balancing the Liver & Gall Bladder Meridian & Associated Muscles
  • Session 13: The Fire Element & Balancing the Heart & Small Intestine Meridian & Associated Muscles
  • Session 14: The Earth Element & Balancing the Spleen & Stomach Meridian & Associated Muscles
  • Session 15: How to Do a Complete Session Finding the Priorities to Balance
  • Session 16: Ways to Integrate These Techniques into a Massage Session

In Applied Kinesiology Fundamentals Online Course, How You’ll Benefit:

  • Build your confidence and skill in helping clients even in difficult cases
  • Get better, longer lasting results with your clients and build your practice
  • Possibly clear up some of your own health challenges
  • Complete the prerequisite for advanced training in Kinesiology
  • Have fun learning some revolutionary ways to help people live healthier, longer and more productive lives.

About John Maguire

John Maguire is a world-renowned expert in the field of Applied Kinesiology, who over the past forty years has taught tens of thousands of people from 89 countries. He is a faculty member of the Tony Robbins Life Mastery University, where his students are continually amazed by the profound and rapid results they receive using his easy to follow methods.

As the founder and director of the Kinesiology Institute, John has created many professional training programs on optimizing health and performance that he has presented to a wide variety of doctors and therapists throughout six continents. Drawing from his in-depth training with many of the world’s leading experts in Applied Kinesiology, Touch For Health, Clinical Nutrition, Energy Psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, John is known for his ability to make complex material practical and easy to understand.

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