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David Kessler – Heal Your Heart After Grief: Help Your Clients Find Peace After Break-Ups, Divorce, Death and Other Losses

David Kessler – Heal Your Heart After Grief Help Your Clients Find Peace After Break-Ups; Divorce; Death and Other Losses

David Kessler – Heal Your Heart After Grief: Help Your Clients Find Peace After Break-Ups, Divorce, Death and Other Losses

Description of Heal Your Heart After Grief

Featuring David Kessler, special guest on “Dr. Oz”, “Oprah & Friends”, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, PBS, People Magazine, “Entertainment Tonight”, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times

Based on David Kessler’s newest book, You Can Heal Your Heart, co-authored with the legendary Louise Hay, this recording is a blend of Louise’s life-changing thought processes as well as David’s years of working with those in grief. Their message will inform you and inspire an extraordinary new way of thinking and treating your clients.

David Kessler, best-selling author, collaborator with the groundbreaking Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, will provide you with the newest information on healing all kinds of grief. Teach your clients how to tackle the grief that occurs when a relationship leaves them brokenhearted, a marriage ends in divorce, a job is lost, dealing with cancer, a death occurs, or other challenging life circumstances.

Enhance your work as a clinician with clients who have dealt with loss. David’ message will fill you with insight, tools, strategies, and inspiring information.

  • Learn healthy and supportive ways to heal all kinds of grief
  • Understand old patterns to have healthy new relations despite breakups and divorce
  • Help loved ones learn to live with loss after death instead of “getting over loss”

What You’ll Learn In Heal Your Heart After Grief

Inner World of Grief

  • The role of dreams and their archetypes
  • Navigate the loss and replacement of roles in loss
  • Use of Life Beliefs in healing grief
  • Dealing with secrets that may be revealed after loss


  • Reinterpreting and reframing divorce
  • Healing shame around divorce
  • Children and divorce


  • Help your client understand the ways they were taught to love
  • Interpret reoccurring patterns
  • What lessons can bring about healing
  • The lies we tell ourselves after a relationship ends


  • How much information is good to share?
  • Taking responsibility for actions
  • How to move on afterward
  • The cost to the soul of betrayal

After Cancer

  • Heal mentally after medical recovery
  • Deal with fears of reoccurrence
  • Ways to find peace again with one’s own body

Other Losses

  • Honoring and heal from a pets death
  • The assumptions we make about our children and releasing them
  • Understand the benefits and burdens about the idealize mate
  • Job loss and home loss

Anticipatory Grief

  • Treatment strategies
  • Tools for normalizing anticipatory grief for the patient/client

Deathbed Visions and Their Impact on Grief

  • Effective and ineffective models for family coping and integration
  • Clinical/palliative care studies, research of near death awareness
  • Using the law to normalize the dying experience

Kübler Ross Stages Revisited and Updated for 2014

  • The possibility of a sixth stage?
  • Interpreting the relevancy of the stages today

Children in Grief

  • Tools for preparing for the loss
  • Intervention for coping enhancement for funerals
  • The forgotten grievers

Complicated Grief

  • Simplifying the model
  • Murder, multiple losses, sudden death, suicide, Alzheimers

Disasters and How We Cope

  • Shootings/hurricanes/earthquakes and terrorists acts
  • Techniques for approaching horrific crime and/or disaster scenes
  • Helping survivors coping with suffering

Tools for the Clinician to Help Clients Cope with:

  • Anniversaries
  • Holidays – the seen and unseen
  • Birthdays

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