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Gabrielle Moore – Turn Her On Faster

Gabrielle Moore – Turn Her On Faster

Gabrielle Moore – Turn Her On Faster

The “Turn Her On Faster” series focuses on advanced foreplay to seduce a woman. It helps to reactive the activity of foreplay, address its importance, and provide the techniques towards more pleasurable sex.

Gabrielle Moore explains the way men approach sex and the way women approach sex. Her techniques are aimed at breaking “routines” and comfort zone in lovemaking to build a more exciting sex life. She also presents how to explore a variety of sexual options.

The book addresses the needs of both a man and a woman, and offers advice and techniques for both.

What You’ll Learn In Turn Her On Faster

Chapter 1 – Breaking Out of Your Routine

  • Prepping yourself
  • Non-content cues
  • New initiation techniques
  • Just ask her for it
  • Building anticipation and momentum

Chapter 2 – Being In The Moment

  • Achieve passion
  • Removing distractions
  • Get rid of the stress
  • Don’t rush it
  • Spontaneity

Chapter 3 – Turning On Her Mind

  • How a woman thinks
  • Eye contact
  • The lost art of kissing
  • Taking control
  • Intimate talk
  • Dirty talk
  • Non-verbal cues
  • Reassure her
  • Make her feel good about herself

Chapter 4 – Turning On Her Body

  • Her erogenous zones
  • The best for breasts
  • Surprising female “hotspots”
  • Using your fingers
  • Switching things up
  • Hitting several zones at once
  • How you can tell she’s aroused

Chapter 5 – Oral Play

  • Oral prepwork
  • Best oral positions
  • Techniques that will drive her wild

Chapter 6 – Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone

  • Toys (and more)
  • Foot massage
  • Role playing
  • Food play
  • Location, location, location

Chapter 7 – Sex Play

  • Making sure she’s properly warmed up
  • Love what you do
  • Getting her to orgasm

Chapter 8 – Get Her To Turn You On

  • Your erogenous zones
  • Telling her what you like
  • Get her to give you oral sex
  • What to do if you invade her comfort zone

Chapter 9 – Stopping Yourself From Going All The Way

  • Why you ejaculate so quickly
  • Do you suffer from PE
  • Holding back
  • Making yourself last longer in foreplay
  • When to go…and when to stop

Chapter 10 – Some More Tips For Next Time

  • Afterplay
  • Sex schedules
  • Books, movies, and more

About Gabrielle Moore

Gabrielle Moore is the frank, outspoken & trusted sexual advisor to thousands of couples worldwide. More than three hundred and fifty-thousand (that’s 350,000) men have read and benefitted from her books, courses, articles and regular sex advice.

Happily married to a loving husband, Gabrielle is the author of way too many sex advice books and courses to list here, including “Turn Her On Faster” (on advanced foreplay techniques), “The Female Orgasm Revealed”, “Hot Licks” (on female oral sex), “Double Her Desire”, “Erotic Massage For Better Sex” and many many more.

A recognized authority on real-world sex techniques (none of that academic theory stuff) from an honest female perspective, Gabrielle’s sex advice has been featured in publications such as Men’s Fitness magazine… read by over 8 million readers worldwide!

Gabrielle continues to delight new readers with her advice and has a growing collection of glowing testimonial letters – over 4,000+ to date!

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