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Corey Guitard – Front Headlock Submission Mastery

Corey Guitard – Front Headlock Submission Mastery

Corey Guitard – Front Headlock Submission Mastery

Dominate from top position as Andre Galvao teaches all the most effective ways to shut down the butterfly guard and pass

  • Use side smashes, leg staples, long steps, and more as you see how to mix movement and pressure for passing success
  • Andre Galvao is one of the best competitors of his generation and now runs one of the top teams in all of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Atos
  • These eight volumes are packed with instructional knowledge on how to beat the seated butterfly guard and stay in control of the fight
  • Use a mix of modern and classic techniques to focus on the most useful and effective moves from top
  • Gain a conceptual and fundamental understanding of how to stay safe against the guard player

What You’ll Learn In Front Headlock Submission Mastery

Part 1:

  • Introduction
  • Introduction & Understanding Opponents Options
  • The Easy Leg Drag Pass
  • Side Smash

Part 2:

  • The Headstand Pass
  • Double Hooks Headstand Pass
  • Chicken Wing Pass

Part 3:

  • Toe Hold Pass
  • The Dive Roll Pass
  • Headstand to Side Smash
  • Sprawl Pass to Side Smash

Part 4:

  • “Surpriseplata” Attack
  • “Surprisebar” Attack

Part 5:

  • Chin Strap Anaconda Choke
  • Chin Strap Twisting Pass
  • Modified Loop Choke
  • Leg Staple Windshield Wiper Split Pass

Part 6:

  • Pee Dog Leg Staple Shin to Shin Pass
  • Pee Dog Leg Staple to Knee Cut Position
  • Pee Dog to Reverse Knee Cut Pass
  • Leg Staple to Anaconda Choke
  • Leg Staple to Loop Choke Sub
  • Leg Staple to Kimura Roll Attack
  • The Mermaid Pass

Part 7:

  • The Crazy Dog Pass
  • The Two Steps Long Step Pass
  • The Floating Long Step
  • The Short Step Pass
  • Belly Down Long Step Pass

Part 8:

  • The Scissors Pass
  • The Floating Pass to Side Smash
  • The Floating Pass Transition to Knee Cut
  • The Floating Pass Scramble
  • Pee Dog Scramble

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