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Andre Galvao – No Gi Takedown Fundamentals

Andre Galvao – No Gi Takedown Fundamentals

Andre Galvao – No Gi Takedown Fundamentals

Shoot & Throw Safely With These Grappling-Specific Takedown Attacks From Atos Head Instructor Andre Galvao – The Greatest Standup Fighter In The History Of Grappling

The 6-Time IBJJF and 6-Time ADCC World Champion Teaches The Basic Concepts, Fundamentals, And Combinations For Grappling-specific Takedowns

What You’ll Learn In No Gi Takedown Fundamentals

Learn how to attack and defend takedowns from one of the best grapplers in history, Andre Galvao, as he shows you the no-gi takedown fundamentals you need for success. Andre, one of the most successful fighters and coaches in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, shows you how to move, pummel, and score without getting submitted or countered on this new 4-volume series.

Mix these upper and lower body takedowns for maximum success, and see some of Andre’s most trusted techniques like the blast double, the single leg takedown, and the body lock. Andre combines these moves with the important key fundamentals that will produce results, so that you can learn a complete style of attacking from your feet.

Andre is the head instructor at Atos, one of the most successful gyms in the world, and he shows some of the same drills he runs his team through for improvement. Use these shooting and movement drills to teach yourself the skills you need, with careful instruction from one of the world’s best teachers.

Part 1:

  • Intro
  • Hip Throw – O-Goshi
  • Hip Throw – O-Goshi To Side Mount
  • Headlock Takedown-Koshi Guruma
  • Osoto Gari Takedown
  • Hip Throw and Sweeping the Leg-Harai-Goshi
  • Defending the Wrist Grip
  • Front Choke Defense With Hip Throw
  • Toreando Pass to Armbar
  • Putting It All Together
  • Punch Defense

Part 2:

  • Front Bear Hug Defense – Body Lock Defense
  • Head-Lock Defenses
  • Front Bear Hug Escape (Over Arms)
  • Front Bear Hug Escape (Under Arms)
  • Roundhouse Kick Defense
  • Fighting Stance
  • Snapdown, Downblock & Sprawl
  • The Guillotine Choke
  • The “Neck Crank” Guillotine Choke
  • The “Bellytine” Choke
  • Single Leg Defense
  • Single Leg Defense Drill
  • The Neck Crank Guillotine

Part 3:

  • The “Bodytine” Single Leg Defense – Sprawling
  • Single Leg Counter to Kimura Trap Attack
  • Single Leg Counter to Guillotine Attack
  • The Best Single Leg Counter-Attacks – When Opponent’s Kneeling
  • Rear Bear Hug Defense – Gable Grip
  • Rear Body Lock Defense – “S” Grip
  • Rear Body Lock Defense With Left
  • Double Leg Drill
  • The Blast Double Takedown
  • Post Up Double Leg Takedown
  • Snapdown Double Leg Takedown
  • The Lazy Double Leg Takedown

Part 4:

  • Arm Drag Double Leg Drill
  • Arm Drag Inside Trip Takedown
  • Single Leg Sweep Takedown
  • “AG” Single Leg Takedown
  • Snatch Single Leg Takedown
  • Front Headlock & Guillotine Defenses
  • Outside Hook Guillotine Defense
  • “Hopping Over” Guillotine Defense
  • Over-Under Bodylock Drill
  • Over-Under Double Leg Takedown
  • Over-Under Single Leg Takedown
  • Rear Bodylock Takedown
  • Rear Bodylock to Single Leg Takedown
  • Fundamentals Takedown Drills

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