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Ross Jeffries – The Elite Speed Seduction Super Stars Academy

Ross Jeffries – The Elite Speed Seduction Super Stars Academy

Description of The Elite Speed Seduction Super Stars Academy

Back, For A Limited Time…

World Famous “Godfather Of Game” Opens New “Elite Speed Seduction Super Stars Academy” To A Select Few Men Who Are Ready To Enjoy A Lifetime Of Success With Women… And Maybe Even Get As Good At It As He Is.

Dear Speed Seduction Student And Fan,

If you are ready to enjoy success with women beyond your wildest dreams, then this could be the most important message you have ever read.

Here is why:

My name is Ross Jeffries, and it isn’t boasting to say that I’ve got – hands-down – the best track record in the world for mentoring men to go from “zero to hero” when it comes to complete mastery with women.

Hell, I’ve even trained some of the so-called “Gurus” – guys who still can’t hold a candle to me – most famously a scrawny little geek named Neil Strauss who wrote about me in the best selling book, “The Game”

Yes – the story about me getting the waitresses close to orgasming just by using some sugar packets is true. The Carmen Electra story isn’t.)

Anyway, the real reason for this message is to share with you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have me personally train and mentor you to get so good with women…

You Might Actually Find Yourself Turning Down Sex!

What kinds of things are you easily going to master under my expert guidance?

How about:

  • Using language to rapidly establish connection and attraction without having to go on formal “dates”;
  • Dating younger women (especially for men in their 40s and 50s);
  • Out-kicking your coverage – pulling women you have previously (and falsely) believed were out of your league;
  • Getting out of the “friend zone” and into The F@@K Zone;
  • Developing the ability to easily meet women anytime, anywhere… even if you have not yet been introduced;
  • And much, much more!

Not too bad, huh?

Well hang on, because I’m about to explain exactly how I’m going to get you to expert level with these (and many other) skills.

Here’s the scoop.

You see, I recently turned 62, and it made me realize two things:

  • I won’t be around forever (duh).
  • Before I kick the bucket, I want to push my 30-year teaching and mentoring skills to the max and train up an elite cadre of “Seduction Super-Stars”, ready to live their dreams with the women they truly desire.

What You’ll Learn in The Elite Speed Seduction Super Stars Academy

During these sessions, I’ll:

  1. Address your unique situation
  2. Answer any and all of your personal questions, and guide you to the exact tailor-made solutions that will powerfully and completely work for you
  3. Rocket you past any hidden stuck points and “belief blocks” that may be sabotaging your success with women
  4. Do some seriously great teaching on the subjects you and your fellow “seduction soldiers” tell me you most want to master, such as:
  • Swiftly arousing her in minutes – even (perhaps ESPECIALLY) when you aren’t close to being her type!
  • Mastering the different ways of creating instant states of incredible emotional connection!
  • Quickly using your skills to induce her immediate sexual readiness!
  • Opening her mind for instant and total sexual acceptance!
  • Quickly leaping past your sticking points, so you enjoy a rocket-ride to total power with women!

Immediately upon your enrollment you will get…

These are formatted for you to watch on your smart device or your laptop, and are easily downloadable, 24/7.

I cover topics like:

  • From Meeting To Bed In 20 Minutes
  • Success With Younger Women, Older Women, Religious Women… You Name It!
  • Getting Girlfriends To Do Kinky Sex
  • Seduction Poetry For Instant Arousal
  • 4 Kinds Of Seduction Confidence That Get Girls’ Blood Pumping And Panties Moistening
  • My Critiques Of “Hidden Camera” Pick-Ups Submitted By Students
  • And Much, Much, MUCH More!

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