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The Ultimate Breatheology Bundle

The Ultimate Breatheology Bundle

The Ultimate Breatheology Bundle

Consists of: The Elements of Breatheology, Breath Training in the Corona Crisis, Breatheology Discovery, Breatheology Fundamentals, PTSD Liberation, Ultimate Water Survival, Breathing WoD, Superhuman Lungs.

Breatheology Fundamentals​​

  • The Breatheology Fundamentals course contains my most effective and powerful exercises, put into more than 72 inspiring videos and audio for you to enjoy.
  • The exercises can be done quickly and give you enormous benefits. In fact, you will be able to do many of the exercises throughout your regular day.

What You’ll Learn in The Ultimate Breatheology Bundle:

  • The Breatheology Fundamentals Course is where I teach you methods to conscious breathing, relaxation on demand, visualization, rehabilitation and much more.
  • Lessons: 51
  • Duration: More than 10 hours of HQ Video training


  • 72 Inspiring Training Videos
  • Personal Training Program
  • Downloadable Meditation and Relaxation Audio
  • Printable Notes Sheets
  • Progression Indicators
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Monthly Live Group Calls

Benefits in the Yoga & Meditation Courses

One of the core elements in Breatheology is the ancient yoga knowledge on breathing & the higher levels of breath-holding (kumbhaka) and the body and mind connection.

When you go deeper in the study of breathing, exploration of yoga and meditation is inevitable.

The ancient wisdom from India, China and Japan has been fundamental in understanding the relationship between our breath and our mind and body. Modern science has only just started to catch up. Learning yoga and meditation is an effective and fun way to understand why you feel like you do when you hold your breath, inhale deeply through your belly or cleanse your mind through heavy exhalations.

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