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Stephen Rollnick – Motivational Interviewing

Stephen Rollnick – Motivational Interviewing

Join Stephen Rollnick, co-founder of Motivational Interviewing (MI) and colleagues and learn how to use MI Skills in brief clinical consultations.

The Motivational Interviewing online course has been designed to assist ‘time poor’ busy health care practitioners work with behavioral challenges in everyday practice and provide a more enjoyable clinical experience and more effective outcomes both practitioners and patients.

You will learn how to make brief consultations efficient and impactful and help patients find their own motivation to change.

You will also acquire an additional toolbox of skills to assist you with difficult consultations that include patients who present as apathetic, upset, frustrated or negative.

Burnout is a real concern for many practitioners and health care systems. Learn how the practice of Motivational Interviewing can help.

Your learning experience has been purposefully created to be highly practical. It includes short, simple and easy to absorb lessons, clinical demonstrations, optional ‘deeper dive bonus content’ of key concepts and skills and an online digital library with additional resources you can access at any time.

Learning just one or two MI Skills at a time can make a real difference to your consultations. Your course has been designed to allow you to jump ahead or back so that you can zero in on strategies or skills specifically of interest to you as you learn.

Motivational Interviewing provides a collaborative framework that offers real opportunities to lift atmosphere, reduce staff burnout, improve practice culture and improve the well-being of practitioners and patients.

What You’ll Learn in Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing: The Language of Change with Dr. Stephen Rollnick

In this six-module video course, you’ll learn step by step from Motivational Interviewing co-founder Dr. Stephen Rollnick how to refine your communication style to increase positive outcomes with your clients. Through lecture, client vignettes, analysis, and discussion, you’ll learn to use a compassionate, curious effort to elicit your client’s own arguments for change.

Module 1: The Foundation & Essence of MI

Through lecture and discussion, you’ll explore the foundations of MI with Dr. Stephen Rollnick. During a video interview with the co-founders of MI, you’ll take an in-depth look at the unique and essential aspects of MI and start refining your guiding communication style.

Module 2: MI Framework & Skills

This module comes from a workshop on MI and contains a mixture of stories, lecture and detailed discussion on the skills involved with MI. You’ll watch commentary featuring MI co-founder William Miller, Ph.D., and Dr. Rollnick discussing the four fundamental processes of MI.

Module 3: MI & Mental Health—3 Clients

Through three client vignettes, you’ll explore the heart of Motivational Interviewing. You’ll also take a closer look at how Motivational Interviewing works in an interview with the co-founders of MI: William R. Miller, Terri Moyers and Stephen Rollnick.

Module 4: Demonstration and Analysis

This module starts with the pre-recorded illustration of the four processes using a unique opportunity provided by a past workshop participant. This series of unrehearsed simulations allows Dr. Rollnick to describe a case and proceed through a session while allowing breaks for discussion when beneficial. You’ll also view interviews with the MI co-founders discussing developing discrepancy and exploring motivation to change.

Module 5: Observing the Practice of MI

This module provides an opportunity to observe numerous counselors and how they apply MI to their practice. Each video will be followed by commentary from Dr. Rollnick where he will showcase how each therapist infused MI with their practice, personality and style.

Module 6: Challenges and Opportunities

In the final module, you’ll take a hard look at the signals of discord in clients. You’ll then learn ways to respond with care, not confrontation. Throughout the module, you’ll view simulated client videos featuring the founders of MI working with actors to demonstrate examples of consistent MI use during a session as well as inconsistent use during a session.

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